Playing With Recipes

My independent Miss 4 loves to make up her own recipes in the kitchen.  She has helped me with basic baking for most of her little life, so she has some idea of what a cake needs, and how to go about it.  Today I baked gingerbread shapes ready for Christmas, while my daughter made her own cakes from scratch.

First she wrote out her recipe.  Not a bad effort!!  I try not to do too much “teaching” with her at home. She’ll have plenty of that at school next year.  I simply encourage her to write down any sounds she can hear.  She did ask me how to write a “shh” sound, but the rest she did independently. Oh, and she didn’t have flour in her list.  I suggested adding that might be a good idea!!

Next we read her recipe together and got out the ingredients she needed.  I put the sugar, water, egg, flour and sprinkles into small bowls, in order of her recipe.  She was a tad excited about starting.  (I just love this pic…)

She probably spent an hour making her little cakes, carefully adding a spoonful of this and a spoonful of that. She cracked the egg into the mix herself, and added more wet or dry ingredients to get the consistency right.  SO much learning going on in this play!

She divided the mixture up into 4 muffin pans, then it was into a medium oven for – well, we didn’t really know how long! They looked ready at about 15mins.

Since I was icing the gingerbread shapes anyway, I put a twirl of icing on top of her finished cakes.  What a treat to eat your own creation for afternoon tea!  And how did they taste?  Not too bad actually.  A bit like damper.  With icing.

Do you let your kids “loose” in the kitchen?