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I don’t often share my works in progress apart from with my NSW Writer’s Centre critique group, and my January Month of Poetry group. (Honestly, any serious writer should have a crit group.) But the lovely Katrina Germein tagged me to share lines 7-14 from a WIP, so I’m making an exception.

This is a snippet from a non-fiction narrative picture book titled, Down By The Billabong. It scored 99% at the CYA Competition in 2013, but sadly has not been picked up by a publisher (YET!) so I’ve been fiddling with it again. Enjoy…

640px Billabong


Down by the billabong

Middle of the day

When the sun burns hot

And the gum trees sway,

Wallaby naps,

Dragonfly rests,

Turtle snaps,

Warbler nests.


So now it’s over to some of my amazing writerly friends from the above mentioned crit group. The challenge is to share 7 lines from page 7 or 77 of a current WIP, or lines 7-14 from a picture book WIP. Then tag other writers to continue the game. Are you brave enough Ramona Davey and Shelly Unwin?

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3 thoughts on “Work In Progress

  1. Thanks for the tag Catherine. I certainly have a lot of WIP’s to choose from, now to decide which lines 7-14 or page 7 or 77 I like best!
    I love your excerpt, it feels beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the tag Catherine – I too, have a lot of WIP’s and look forward to participating in this challenge!

    PS: I love your 7 lines – your grasp on rhyme/poetry is beautiful.

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