lucky cover

Author/Illustrator: David Mackintosh 

Publisher: Harper Collins

SquiggleMum’s comments:

When Mum announces there will be a surprise at dinner, two little boys let their imaginations run wild as they consider what it could be. Crinkly chips? A swimming pool? A trip to Hawaii…? Throughout the story, the underlying question is “What does it mean to be lucky?”

Lucky is a visual feast. David Mackintosh has a signature mixed media style, and readers of all ages will enjoy exploring the wild illustrations. It could also be useful for discussing visual literacy techniques in the classroom, including framing, text positioning, colour, reading path and salience.

lucky elephant image

My personal opinion is that the strength of Mackintosh’s work is in the illustrations rather than the text, and while I don’t warm to the narrative – I can certainly appreciate the art. 

Recommended for:

  • Mixed ages (can be useful during school holidays!)
  • Discussing visual literacy techniques
  • Discussing mixed media



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* I received a review copy of Lucky courtesy of Harper Collins. No payment was received for this review and all opinions are my own.