CYA Success Again

For the third year running, I was delighted to be shortlisted in the CYA Competition for unpublished authors in the non-fiction picture books category. And to be honest, I was absolutely stoked to take out both first and second place again with two manuscripts. 

cya winner 2014a

I’m not sure how many unpublished awards one must win before finally landing a contract, but I must be close. Surely?!

Here’s my post about winning last year (1st, 2nd and 3rd). And the year before (2nd). Maybe next year will be the year I get to sit on the success panel – like so many of my writer friends.

Despite the challenge of having non-fiction picture books even considered by publishers, I remain determined. I adore those rich books that blur the lines between information and story. As a mother, I love reading them to my kids. As a teacher, I know that there is a need for them, and the new Australian Curriculum demands them. And as a writer, they are my first love.

So I will continue to write them. I will write them and I will win awards for them. I will challenge the notion that non-fiction is boring. I will be a voice for birds and bugs and trees and rocks and everything that amazes kids about the world around them. It still amazes me.

cath 2014 cya winner

As always though, the best part of CYA is the networking. This year my dear friend Kathryn Apel and I were roomies (which meant we stayed up late like schoolgirls talking about, well – everything). Her verse novel Bully on the Bus has been a sellout in its first week! I also managed to draw a few birds with Peter Carnavas, chat with Pamela Rushby about her latest novel, and catch up with Michelle Worthington. So many friends, so little time.

kat and cath 2014 cya

My thanks to the organisers of CYA, and especially to the editors who give up their time to judge the competition and offer advice. Congrats to all of the winners in other categories too. ‘Til next year…


2 thoughts on “CYA Success Again

  1. Congrats Cath!! We have surely read our fair share of boring non-fiction books (including non-fiction home readers for that matter) so I’m pretty sure we have never read anything as amazing as your stories. I really hope you land a contract soon!

  2. It’s so exciting to read about your passion for your writing and your prizes, Catherine. I’m sure a contract is just around the corner. I think non-fiction is really taking it’s place and when I attended Sydney SCWBI, one of the sessions was on the types of non-fiction books that are part of core curriculum in the US and there are some gorgeous ones. Congratulations.

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