Edward and the Great Discovery

edward great discovery


Author: Rebecca McRitchie

Illustrator: Celeste Hume

Publisher: New Frontier

SquiggleMum’s comments:

There is a lot to like about Edward and The Great Discovery, the first picture book by New Frontier’s current Commissioning Editor.

Edward is the youngest in a long line of archaeologists – and he is yet to make his first big discovery. When he uncovers an unusual egg, he is disappointed to find that only a bird hatches out. Worse still, it is a bird that can’t fly. On a trip to the museum he realises of course that his bird is an extinct Dodo, which makes it a great discovery after all. Along the way he also discovers some truths about himself.


edward opening layout


Edward and the Great Discovery includes some beautiful illustrations, and the first opening of the stairwell and family photo gallery is a stand out. The cover is brilliantly executed and the endpapers are a delight. In fact, these two elements are probably the book’s best features. However, I think the italicised words emphasised on almost every opening are a little heavy handed, and in my opinion the entire last page is probably unnecessary. (I would have preferred a more open ending, allowing readers to consider for themselves what Edward had discovered in addition to the Dodo.)

The Teachers’ Notes provided by New Frontier are disappointing and offer very little to educators so I have not included the link here. This is unfortunate as the book has some obvious curriculum connections.

All up, a beautifully presented book which families will enjoy sharing together.

Recommended for:

  • Early Childhood / Lower Primary
  • Family reading
  • Museum excursions


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* I received a review copy of Edward and the Great Discovery courtesy of New Frontier Publishing. No payment was received for this review and all opinions are my own. 

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