Big and Small

squigglemum boy day1

The big bag
bounces against your small back,
and your fingers grasp mine tightly
– the only sign that you are even slightly
nervous about this day.

The big gates
dwarf your small frame,
even though you stand taller
than you ever have before
in those shiny shoes.

The big bell
rings out its shrill call
and you are off, swept up
in the current
with all the small people.

But you look back
and flash me the big smile
that says you’re ok.
And though I smile back,
without you,
I somehow
feel a little

Catherine Oehlman 2014

15 thoughts on “Big and Small

  1. Fantastic photo and great words Cath! I might just have gotten a little emotional. Your boy has grown – from the few pics I’ve spied him in here on your blog.

    I wanted to stop in the other day to let you know I’m still reading and loving your posts. I read through Feedly now so visit and comment less.

  2. Gorgeous Cath, brought a tear to my eye xo Its been a while since I checked your blog, but a lovely read on the bus to work :-)

  3. Beautiful words Cath. I can’t believe I’ll be there again in a couple of years with Madie xx

  4. It’s lovely to see it from another perspective :)

    Kindergarten is such a joyful time but I always feel a little mean taking these gorgeous ones “away” from their Mums.

    I’ve made it to now and am starting to tear up that they’ve finished and are moving on from Kindy!

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