Children of Compassion

This week I received a bittersweet letter from Compassion Australia, letting us know that the child we have sponsored for many years no longer requires our financial support. She is now 15, and while we are so pleased her family in Indonesia is finally doing well financially, we are also sad as she has been an important part of our own family. Her photo has always been on the fridge alongside our own children’s school photos.

When we told the kids that we would be sponsoring a new child, we were surprised at their response. Both had instant and very strong feelings, and put forward their opinions without being asked. Mr 5 said, “Thailand. I think we should sponsor a child from Thailand Mummy. That is a poor country you know.” (How does he know anything about Thailand?!) Miss 7 said, “We really should choose a young child. If we sponsor a young child, we can have a big impact on their life Mum.” Wise words from someone still so young herself.

So today I called Compassion. I found myself all choked up on the phone as I requested that we sponsor a young, needy child in Thailand. I don’t cry easily, and almost never in front of strangers, so it caught me a little off guard. 

I think my emotional reaction comes from the fact that God put the child we should sponsor onto the hearts of my own kids – and they were in tune with Him enough to listen. We sponsor because of the immeasurable impact it has on a child we will never meet, but the truth is that it has an impact on our children too.

We might not be rich by Sydney-standards, but we certainly are wealthy when compared to poverty stricken families. This Christmas, somewhere in Thailand is a three year old boy whose life will change, simply because we said yes to Compassion. And his mother probably has tears in her eyes too.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, Cath. What a proud Mum you must be. Love your kids’ hearts. I know those tears you talk of. Still remember that amazing moment when we sponsored our first child. And the sadness when that child left the program. May your family and your new little boy have a wonderful Compassion-ate relationship. Blessings and teary hugs. xx

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