Christmas Picture Books 2013

Like many families, we have a growing collection of Christmas books. I keep these with the Christmas tree and decorations so that they only come out in December. We add one or two each year to the existing favourites. As we are Christians, it is important that the kids have books which tell the real story of Jesus’ birth, as well as fun stories about Santa.

If you are looking to add to your own collection of Christmas picture books, try these:

matilda saves santa claus

Title: Matilda Saves Santa Claus*

Author: Alex Field

Illustrator: Sophie Norsa

Publisher: New Frontier

SquiggleMum’s comments:

A very simple but sweet story about a mouse who lends Santa and Rudolph a helping hand. Suitable for younger readers and will probably appeal most to little girls.


squigglemum 3stars


santas secret

Title: Santa’s Secret

Author: Mike Dumbleton

Illustrator: Tom Jellett

Publisher: Random House Australia

SquiggleMum’s comments:

An entertaining tale about how Santa spends Christmas Day, after he has delivered all of the presents. Apparently he is quite the surfer! Kids of all ages will love this one, with its fun rhyming text and retro illustrations. An excellent read for boys.


squigglemum 5stars



christmas night fair bright

Title: Christmas Night Fair and Bright

Author: Julie Stiegemeyer

Illustrator: Melissa Iwai

Publisher: Concordia Publishing House

SquiggleMum’s comments:

This beautiful story reads more like a lilting song, with “Jesus, born for us” as a refrain after each verse. Unlike most nativity stories, which finish with angels heralding Jesus’ birth, this story continues past the birth and onto Jesus’ childhood. It also includes the connection between Christmas and Easter, and finishes with our response to all Jesus has done for us.


squigglemum 4stars



*I received a copy of Matilda Saves Santa Claus courtesy of New Frontier Publishing. I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own.