Tips for School Shoes

Mr5 starts full time school in just a few weeks, and he is so excited about wearing his new uniform and school shoes. We were recently treated to a complimentary pair of kids’ shoes from Betts Kids, so I took the opportunity to check out their school shoe range.

Kids wear school shoes for about 1600 hours each year, so although I usually opt for cheap and cheerful when it comes to kids’ shoes, I prefer to only buy one good quality pair of school shoes per year (if possible) and allow a budget of around $100.

betts girl fitting

Here are my tips for school shoes:

  1. Get in early. The longer you leave it, the longer the queue will be that you have to wait in. With kids.
  2. Get school shoes professionally fitted. It doesn’t cost any extra.
  3. Go for good quality leather. Leather breathes and lasts well. With regular polishing, scuff marks are easily taken care of. The old fashioned polish with a brush is much more effective than the roll on type.
  4. Look for a sole with surrounding edge. Younger kids spend a lot of time sitting on the floor (and on concrete!) and the edge will protect the shoe from constant scraping.
  5. Kids have to be able to get their own shoes on and off, so opt for velcro for little ones. Most schools allow velcro for at least the first two years of schooling. If your child is graduating to shoe laces, make sure they have had time to practise during the holidays.
  6. Let them walk around the store in their new shoes. Or jump. Whatever. Let your child wear the new shoes in around the house in the week before school too.
  7. Name them. ‘Nuff said.

betts jumping

Do you have any tips to add? 

Disclaimer: we received one pair of complimentary school shoes from Betts Kids. I did not receive any further payment for this post.