Goodbye Brisbane

Once again blogging has taken a back seat to real life, as we farewell our hometown of Brisbane. Relocating a family is a huge undertaking! We have spent the last few weeks in a whirlwind of cleaning, clearing, decluttering, and gumtree-ing in order to sell our home. At the same time, we’ve also been flying down to Sydney to find a suburb that will work for our family, and then lining up new home and school. Oh, and in between, catching up “just one more time” with all of our beautiful friends here in Brisbane.

It’s hard to say goodbye to our home. We moved here as new parents with a baby girl, and the house needed a LOT of work. Over the past seven years we have slowly but surely renovated it to suit our style and our growing family. Look at it now!

The backyard has also seen more than a few changes, and so many of them have featured here on the blog.

The kids have really grown up in this back yard! Together we have explored

I am so glad I have these posts as a record of our outdoor adventures in their pre-school years. Now at 7 and 4, the kids are getting older and their needs in our new backyard will be different – but I know these early experiences will impact on the way they play. They know how to make their own fun, solve problems together, and be creative outdoors.

I am sad to say goodbye to this home, but grateful for all the learning and growing that has happened here. And I am ready for what is next…


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Brisbane

  1. I love that lounge area. I hope your move is easy. We moved our family from Sydney to Wollongong. Not the same distance but i know the feelings. Yhen after 9 mths had to move back to sydney for health reasons in the family.

  2. Good luck in your new adventure! A brave, wonderful thing to bind your small family even closer together :)

  3. Catherine, I love this post and seeing all the beatuiful things you’ve done with your home! We recently bought a ‘work in progress’ and I feel inspired (as opposed to overwhelmed) reading through your older posts.

    Is Sydney ‘back home’? All the best with the move! xo

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