Holiday Free Play

Here’s the thing about free play: it requires very, very little. Children who are good at free play know how to make their own fun. They don’t need an adult to provide them with toys. They don’t need an adult to outline the rules. They don’t need an adult to explain the process. They don’t need an adult at all really! Free play can happen any time, any where, with whatever is around.

My favourite memory from our recent trip to Far North Queensland was an afternoon spent on the beach at Cape Tribulation. Cape Trib is across the Daintree River by barge, as far north as you can drive in a regular vehicle. It’s literally the end of the road, though it feels more like the edge of the world. So beautiful.

With no toys and no plans, the kids enjoyed an afternoon of free play with only the things they found on the beach. Here’s what they did:










2 thoughts on “Holiday Free Play

  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing. I think my favourtie times these school holidays also involve free play at the beach… watching the delight in my 3 year old as she kicked the water and felt sand in her fingers, and my 7 year old’s joy as she built and collected and ran and laughed. Wish I could foster more “simple” days like these in our lives.

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