Tin Can Play and MILO Giveaway

I’m very pleased to be an ambassador for the MILO Play Movement in 2012.  Play is a child’s work, and the importance of play in children’s development cannot be underestimated.

MILO sent the SquiggleKids a fantastic play kit (final photo) to use in the backyard – and I’ve got one play kit to give away to a lucky SquiggleMum reader as well!  The kit contains soccer nets, cones, a selection of different balls and even a ball pump for your kids to use outside, plus a couple of tins of MILO.

So of course, you know what my kids have had the most fun with, don’t you…?  The tins!!  

Kids have been inventing games with MILO tins for as long as MILO has been around. The labels might have changed, but not much else has. Here are 5 activities that are sure to bring back memories, and your own kids might like them too:

1.  Tin can stilts


2. Tin can telephone

3. Tin can bucket (on pulley rope)

4. Tin can bowling

5. Tin can drums


The kids have had SO much fun playing with a couple of tins. Sometimes I think commercial toys are entirely overrated.  That said, they were also pretty excited about this stuff:

To win your own play kit thanks to MILO, just leave a comment below sharing what your kids like to play with in the backyard. Do they prefer sports-type activities? Imaginary games? Or creating their own fun with un-toys like mine?  [One entry per person please. Australian and New Zealand residents only. Winner drawn at random on Monday 23/4/12 8pm Qld time.]

Disclaimer: I receive payment for consulting services as a MILO Play Ambassador, and received the MILO Play Kit free of charge.


Congratulations to the winner, Cherie!

78 thoughts on “Tin Can Play and MILO Giveaway

  1. My toddler LOVES being outside rain, hail or stinking hot! He plays in his sandpit and with his water table. He climbs on his play gym and rides or pushes his cars around. He throws and kicks his balls and runs around on the grass. He loves chasing and playing with the dog. For something different he pushes around the washing trolley, plays in the dogs water bowl, digs in the garden, plays with the rocks and sticks but his favorite thing to play with is the hose!

  2. My son LOVES playing with our chickens, but most of all loves playing with our puppies water bowl (no water in it) but he makes the sweetest music….. :) great fun for him and me

  3. My girls love imaginary play. So time outside to run around is more about escaping from the wicked witch, or riding off into the sunset with a prince than the actual running around.

  4. Our trampoline gets a good work out every day. My sons love to grab a couple of soft toys or character figures (superheroes or night gardens characters…)and create amazing stories with them as they play and move through different spaces in our backyard.

  5. Oldest daughter loves zooming around on her bike and scooter – love seeing her smiles as she achieves new feats and tries new things. She loves imaginary games such as when we pretend the entire grass area is the ocean and go for ‘swims’. Youngest daughter loves the sandpit – creating then destroying sand shapes. Together we love races… round the clothesline, first to touch the fence!

  6. My girls seem to love making up stories and using their imaginations. They also love to tie their bikes together like a train and ride their dolls around. Great fun!

  7. My girls love both. Play soccer or catch with Daddy is high on their lists but being girls they’re crafty too and love to make stuff. Sandpit cities with complete with their own gardens and trees (they just borrow stuff out of the real garden) it there favourite at the moment. Lovely giveaway :)

  8. My son loves playing soccer in the backyard. My 14 months old loves toddling around and explore the plant, rock and grass.

  9. My older girls have just discovered skipping – great for turn taking, skills in working together and lots of laughs as they try to turn around while skipping etc. The skipping rope is also a fishing line, tow rope, rescue line from the trampoline (when someone’s fallen overboard), tightrope for walking along…and the list goes on.

  10. Sticks, flowers and stones seem to be the play things of choice in our yard. But playing ball with Dad rates pretty high up there too!

  11. My daughter loves to play with our dogs. They chase each other around and play with balls (and bubbles when Mum and Dad are handy).

  12. our boy, being 8 & very active, loves sport-based activities, but he usually puts his own little twist on them. He also loves the trampoline and can just bounce there for half an hour while i get some work done!

  13. My kids have spent the holidays making obstacle courses in the back yard out of random objects like boxes, pieces of timber and plant pots. They have then been riding their bikes and leading the dog around them and making my husband and I do them in the dark – so much fun !

  14. My children have made a house out side in the trees it is way back in the trees and you can not see it until you walk in to the trees they have put a table and chairs in it .They all so like having there luch in there. When they are not in the tree house they like kicking the ball around

  15. my kids love marking out a track up the driveway and have races on there bike. like they are at motorcross.

  16. My two love making “houses” for insects in the dirt and playing all types of games with play equipment. Having recently moved states, they now also love handball, cricket plus helping with the gardening.

  17. Our girls, age 9 and 7, both love the trampoline! (Usually when I’m out with them hanging out the washing!) They both play soccer. They also like to play with their scooters and roller blades outside.

  18. Mine loves to play endless hours in the sand pit. The imagination that goes into that is amazing. Castles, boats, waterfalls, animals, you name it, he plays it. Otherwise its kicking a ball around the backyard.

  19. My three lil ones love to play on the castle slide, play with balls, go on bug hunts, play treasure hunts, blow bubbles with their giant bubble wands and pick flowers for mummy! =)

  20. My girls (7&2) love to play outside…they drag all their blankets outside and build a tent and play “survivor” trying to live off the land!!! Lucky mom puts apples on the “fake apple tree” for them to survive!

  21. the ball is my kids’ BFF when outside to play. they do soccer, catch, tennis (with big ball) and sometimes, even hide the ball. they all have fun!

  22. Give my kids a tonka truck and a pile of dirt and they will play for hours. I’ve tried all sorts of toys and the dirt always wins!

    The milo pack looks fantastic though. I would love something that I can get involved too (I’m not so keen on joining the mini excavation crew!)

  23. I have three boys and their favourite things to do outside is play with mud. If it hasn’t rained they like to get the hose and make their own. Building dams in the sandpit is also a favourite. They also like to use a spray bottle with water to ‘clean’ or ‘paint’ the house.

  24. We love to play with a little portable tennis net – used either for badminton or tennis, maybe you wouldn’t recognise the rules we play by BUT we have lot’s of fun! Great give away – thanks, Cate

  25. My boys love the sand pit and dirt pile dug from river and from paddock hump. I have lost quite a few kitchen utensils on the sly …for digging and pretend baking play !

  26. My girls love playing swing ball, bouncing on trampoline, kicking the ball and swinging on the clothes line.

  27. They won’t go outside that’s the problem. I want them outside enjoying the fresh air but computers are the problem, tv is the problem, oh please help me to get them outside and have some fun with me and their dad!!!


  28. my girls is to anything that is arround, mud, grass, tins anything they can use their Imaginary mind and is very interesting to watch and very clever they are too

  29. My son loves to play with his dog in the backyard … but also anything he can get his hands on. Wooden spoon to beat the garden shed, trees and clothes line are a cracker.
    He also loves to play with water in a bucket or hose – no need for commercial toys as such.

  30. My two girls love to play their numerous imaginary games on the trampoline in the back yard. They either play together or with their friends down the road. It’s awesome to listen to them playing so happily. Great imaginations!

  31. My grandchildren like swingball and the slippery slide, but, they need to get outside and spend more time on outdoor activities!

  32. My 4 children are constantly outside burning off energy. The 3 boys plays a little soccer, passing rugby ball, hits of the tennis raquets, cricket (with very soft ball so no broken windows). Little Miss likes the big boys to get boxes and create a big house outside with blankets and have a teaparty (very cute). Then they go down the jungle and create huts in the trees and pongas. Very cool backyard for an Auckland area.

  33. My two boys love making anything to do with construction. They love making treehuts and ramps for their bikes to go over. Yesterday they spent about 3 hours with their 2 cousins making a rope swing, ladders and pulleys.

  34. my son is real big on imaginative play and loves to play with the things that cost the least or if anything, cardboard boxes gotta be the biggest hit, he will tuck himself into the biggest box and pretend hes flying a plane and all I can hear is these cute little sounds coming from in the box!

  35. My kids the majority of their days outside, be it on the trampoine, basketball, scooter & bike ramps, sandpit or just plain old chalk pictures!!

  36. My daughter is 21 months so i try to get her as active as possible outside. We love to paint, a great idea is to get her to paint on those cheap blank canvas boards then we can hang in lounge:) she loves playing with water digging in the garden, playing with our pup or in the stones. The dirtier the better :)

  37. I have two preschoolers, my 4 year old son loves anything to do with nature, he can spend hours in our garden, has his own vege patch which he tends to, loves to find worms from other parts of the garden to put in his little patch. My 2 year old girl also loves insects, but has a bad habit of ‘catching’ bees and bringing them to show me! Been stung once but that haasn’t deterred her.

  38. The kids love playing outside on their bikes, or just kicking the ball around with the dog. Jumping on the tramp always goes down well, and if they have friends over they are more imaginative and enjoy going up into the bushes and running around:)

  39. While my son needs encouragement to play outside, my daughter lives outside. She loves Swimming, Netball, Biking, trampoline, arts & crafts, catching bugs, you name it.

  40. We love to play Hunter gatherers – looking for “food” to have for dinner and hunting down the ‘tiger” aka kitty cat, in the garden and at the park.
    Great for her imagination and gets us looking at all sorts of things that we would otherwise just walk past.

  41. Our oldest son loves to take the toboggan down the hills in our paddock – it travells at a great rate of knots and gives me grey hair watching so it’s better if I don’t look. Our 10 month old twins love the sandpit and laying on the grass – they love being outside.

  42. My two little boys love outdoors, usually it is imaginative play with tents or trucks, but they love to kick around ball too.

  43. My boys just love running, running, running and jumping on the trampoline. They have so much energy they could run all day. Their favourite backyard game right now is ‘tip’. Dribbling the soccer all is also a new favourite.

  44. My three kids aged 10, 7 and 5 are all outdoor lovers. They enjoy climbing our mango tree, the trampoline (various games aside from jumping) and just general outdoor running around and playing.

  45. my kids love to get the plastic bottles out of the recycle bag outside and set them up like ten pin bowling and then knock them all down!

  46. My boys love playings soccer with Mum & Dad, riding bikes, flying kites, Playing in the sandpit, imaginary play, climbing trees, water play & jumping on the trampoline!

  47. My children love to play in our backyard climbing trees, making tree huts and pretend camping.

  48. my children aged 3 & 6 like various types of play outdoors anything from making huts under the trees to chasing the sheep in the field or playing make believe on or under the trampoline.

  49. My kids love to play hide n seek and catch the ball type of games…moreover they try to make their own games from tree leaves and branches.

  50. My grandchild & gr-nieces & nephews run around searching for finds in my somewhat wild back yard, they also tend to pick flowers & hide them in my mailbox.

  51. I thought you were going to ask us for other uses for Milo tins. When my son was younger, and I had a craft room (former luxury!) it was a commercial-toy free zone. The only toys we had in that room were things we had made ourselves and the Milo tin and mixing spoon were a big hit!

    My eldest loves to explore outside. I love how anything can become fun. We really need to do more sports based activities though.

  52. My kids love to play Masterchef, cooking with mud, pebbles, leaves, sticks and anything else they find in our backyard. They’ve made some pretty awesome creations.

  53. My older kids still like to climb trees and often climb the back neighbours tree since our climbing tree died.

  54. My kids love playing sport, and making up their own little world, especially in the Bali hut that we have out the back. The girls also like turning it into a stage :)

  55. When we have the cousins over, we play “baseball”. We use frisbees and water bubble trays for bases. Over the hedge is out, and if the ball is taken by the dog then thats good luck to the batsman!

  56. Our kids have always, and probably will always, love the trampoline. The spiders that build their webs all around it … not so much!

  57. My children and the neighbours kiddies, had the best fun today when my son accidentally knocked the top off the garden watering system and tried to flood the BBQ area. Not sure if a sprinkler is an un-toy… But running through the sprinkler used to be my favourite childhood activity on hot days too. The fire hydrant effect had everyone squealing and running through the water playing catch the rainbows and getting plenty of exercise in the process. It was tank water and was eventually turned off after five minutes, so no need to worry about too much lost water.

  58. My boys absolutely love playing any ball game known to man, and invent their own on a regular basis. Today’s fun was playing handball in the cold, pouring rain! Apparently it was enjoyable for all :)

  59. My 10 year old loves football, although due to an injury with his legs, he is not allowed to play right now. He would spend hours kicking the ball to himself. He has just been allowed to ride his bike for 10 minutes twice a week :)

    My 8 year old loves tricks on his scooter. His latest trick is to jump over a mud puddle in our yard… to date he hasn’t fallen in to it.

  60. My boys love playing with the dried grass left after the mowing – they can amuse themselves for hours carting it around and piling it up!

  61. Mine love playing ‘rescue’ on the fort – maybe someone stuck on the slide needs rescuing with a complicated combo of skipping ropes and hoops… or someone is lost in the bush and needs a hug and a cold drink. The only rule we’ve had to make is that they don’t yell “HELP!” for the neighbourhood to hear – our lovely elderly neighbours rang my doorbell very concerned last year – I think they would have taken down the fence had I not answered!!!

  62. My boys love a good treasure hunt in the sandpit. I throw in a few 5 cent pieces & they are happy for ages hunting them down!

  63. My kids love playing in the garden. They walk through the bushes, climb the trees and collect sticks. We have all the usual outdoor equipment – trampoline, swings, cubby house but nothing makes them smile as finding a really really cool stick.

  64. Our backyard has been a work in progress ever since before I had my kids. Our lack of grass has meant my kids have not really been able to play with conventional backyard toys as much. They love nothing better than making mud pies, carting dirt around in their wheelbarrow and planting seeds in pots then helping them grow. When our yard in finally finished (not long to go now) I am planning to put in a mud kitchen as they will miss their dirt!

  65. We have just over an acre and it’s such a wonderland for small kiddies. We have fruit and veg, loads of climbing trees and a ball-obsessed dog for them to play with. Sometimes they’ll play apart but mostly the four of them create their own world together.

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