2012 National Year of Reading – Read Up Launch

Do you love to read? Love encouraging your kids to read? 2012 will be full of exciting literary events because it is the National Year of Reading!

Today the Moreton Bay Regional Libraries launched the Read Up program for under 8s.  To encourage kids to visit their local library and borrow on their own card, the Read Up program rewards children with special certificates designed by some of Queensland’s best illustrators.

Two of these amazing illustrators, Peter Carnavas and Narelle Oliver, were both at the launch today.

I have reviewed several of Pete’s books before, and always rate them highly.  Peter spent time with the kids at the launch today teaching them how to draw an illustration.  He explained that if you can draw a circle, a line and a dot – you can draw anything!    It was wonderful to watch a bunch of kids drawing comical sharks together.  Even my 3yr old had a go!  Peter also talked with the kids about how an illustration has to involve more than simply a character.  An illustration must tell the story.  Check out the “story” below…

It was such a delight to also meet award winning illustrator Narelle Oliver.  I have long been a fan of Narelle’s work as it often focuses on Australian animals in their natural habitats.  Her linocut prints are a distinctive trademark, and provide a wonderful opportunity to talk with kids about different ways artists create their illustrations.

Miss 5 was so excited when Narelle pulled a stowaway Thingamajig out of her bag, as this creature currently features all over her classroom wall at school!  The Very Blue Thingamajig was relieved to find that yes, he IS on one of the Read Up certificates.  The five Read Up certificates are beautifully designed artworks in their own right, and definitely worth collecting.  In addition to Narelle and Peter, the other contributing artists are Kerry Argent, Gregory Rogers, and Clare McFadden.

Your local library really is a treasure trove of top quality Australian picture books.  These amazing certificates might be just the inspiration you your children need to head to the library this week. Happy reading!

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8 thoughts on “2012 National Year of Reading – Read Up Launch

  1. Oh – oh! that used to be our library system up in Queensland! Now I’m all nostalgic again! I still look at the cards every time I open my wallet. (And very much meant to drop into the libraries when we were up on holiday in Jan… but I’m not so great on getting things back on time so thought I’d better not risk it!) Yep – the kids both have cards – I think I got my Poppet’s the week she was born… Looks like a lovely lovely day!

  2. Great post, looks like you had a lot of fun. I picked up a card about National Year of Reading 2012 from our library in Sydney last week – looking forward to getting involved in some fun activities with the kids!

  3. Illustration is such a talent. I admire it very much.

    We recently borrowed some books out from the library. I’ve loved hearing Brian read them to me.

  4. admin / I can’t ustnrndaed how so many libraries are being either shut down (in schools) or getting budget cuts. It really is such a wonderful place to go either alone or with the kids. I guess not every parent agrees

  5. Great post!! We go to a small lriraby, so my kids know the librarians well…it helps in picking out books! We also have a program where the kids read to therapy dogs once every couple of months…helps to train the dogs and with the children’s reading!

  6. Hi Cath,

    Looks like you guys had a great time at the ReadUp launch. The certificates are awesome. I was hoping to go to Kerry Argent’s book launch tomorrow but it’s more for adults and I would have the two girls with me. However, there is another talk about The Fabulous Finola Fox on Sunday 29th April with activities for children at the Marks and Gardener Gallery, North Tamborine. Have you been before? Looks like they’ve got lots of great events on. http://www.marksandgardner.com/

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