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In case you don’t live in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, and in case you missed the pics on facebook and twitter… yes, my kids were on the front page of the local paper.  I might be slightly biased but I think it’s a great photo.  Not just because they’re both smiling and looking at the camera, but because they are swinging from a rope ladder in our backyard.

I love the headline too: Swing back to good old fun.  Couldn’t have said it better myself!  Even after receiving lots of lovely new things for Christmas, my kids are still happiest when they are monkeying around freely in the backyard.  This $12 rope ladder has provided hours of priceless fun and is still going strong after a year outside!

The front page pic is accompanied by a story and photo on page 5 about playscapes.  In the article, Rebekah Hurworth from Your Architect says, “… by incorporating sandpits, rockpools, cubby houses, reading areas and outdoor kitchen areas, children can spend hours entertaining themselves outside.”  If you are interested in natural playscapes, you might also like to read this great pdf fact sheet from Kidsafe.

You can see our sandpit, the dry creek bed and one of the bridges in the background, plus a bucket hanging from a pulley under the trees.  Our playscape is ever changing and growing, and always has something to offer.

What do your kids do in the backyard?  And what did YOU do outside as a kid??

PS – Yes, my kids usually have hats on outside :-)

PPS – Yes, the architect is also my little sister ;-)

6 thoughts on “Playscapes – Front Page News

  1. They are both great photos. Good old fun is priceless. I remember Dad telling me how he would spend hours under the house in the dirt digging tracks for his metal cars to drive in. He would add water and wait as it made the track set hard. I thought Rebekah and you looked alike = )

  2. I can see why your thrilled with that cover picture! I wish we had a tree big enough in our yard to take a rope, ladder or swing.

    I was thinking that architect could be your sister ;-) Can definately see the family resemblance.

  3. The idea is very great and very lovely photos in your front page. I think, that is not biased just because the idea is swinging. Remembering the old days are fun. If you gathered a bunched of memorable pictures. Lots of memories will flashback and also emotion during the period.

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