Brisbane Floods – One Year On

Miss 5 went to see the ballet today as a special treat with her Aunty.  The plan was for Mr 3 and I to hang out at the Queensland Museum for the morning – but it is currently closed for renovations in preparation for the 150th Birthday Party in just over a week.  (There will be cake. Two METRES of cake. You heard it here…)

So, while the girls were doing this:

… the Boy and I opted for plan B: a City Cat ride!  It was quite poignant really.  One year ago today, the Brisbane River was a mess. (You can read my posts written during the disaster here and here.)

A year ago, the CBD was evacuated as rising water inundated the city.  Today it was business as usual, bustling with cars and people.

A year ago the sky was grey, and an ominous, eerie feeling loomed in the air.  As more reports from Grantham, Toowoomba, and other areas came to light, a rising sense of panic was palpable in the inner Brisbane suburbs.  Today the sky was big and blue and full of hope.

A year ago, a “mud army” of over 20, 000 Brissy locals turned out with gumboots and shovels to help those in need.  Talk about community spirit!  A year ago, there wasn’t a whole lot to smile about.  Today we were all smiles… especially when the Captain invited the kids on board to help him drive the boat!!

We got to go up into the cabin, steer the big silver wheel, sit in the Captain’s seat and check out all the buttons and levers.  Captain Jack answered all of the kids’ questions happily, including my son asking “How do we go F-A-S-T?!”   It was such a wonderful, unexpected experience.

A year ago, the Brisbane River was a disaster.  Today, it was an absolute delight.

4 thoughts on “Brisbane Floods – One Year On

  1. It’s hard to imagine it now. Driving along the Western Freeway and also out to the Lockyer Valley – it’s so hard to imagine that such devastation occurred. What a wonderful experience for your little man!

  2. Oh any kid would love that! Glad you were able to enjoy such a nice day and remember that hard time. We had a dry one on the range, which was really a sweet relief given what happened here a year ago too. Have a great weekend! grace

  3. Isn’t it amazing how much has changed in a year? We recently took a rivercat ride too, and it was great to enjoy the river again. Will never look at it quite the same way again though …

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