Dirt Kitchen Sink

You know that saying, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure…”?!  Never has it been more true.

I have been scouring second hand shops and sites for a while now, hoping to find a small sink for our much-loved dirt kitchen.  So, I was completely delighted to come across this discarded laundry tub recently.  I hadn’t considered a laundry tub, but the deep single trough is perfect for outdoor water play.  I also love the green colour which blends in fantastically with the dirt kitchen and surrounding trees.  (The kids’ needs come first in our playscape, but I’ll admit I still prefer the back yard not to be an eyesore!)

I thought about building a simple wooden structure to support the sink, but the kids were desperate to start using it so I propped it up on some bricks.  I made sure there was enough clearance underneath for the drain to flow freely, and the kids dug their own channel for the water to run out into the yard.  As it turned out, this has worked perfectly – so the bricks are staying for now!  The sink is tucked away beside the existing dirt kitchen, nestled between the trunks of a few big trees.

I’m pleased to report that the grand total for this project was only a couple of dollars.  Yep, the cost of a plug.  I could have spent a hundred dollars on a fancy plastic water table, but I doubt my munchkins would have any more fun with it than they do with this tub.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking you need to spend big dollars on your children.  Keep your eye out for “treasures” and just let your kids be kids outside.


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7 thoughts on “Dirt Kitchen Sink

  1. My kids found their own sink… I’d put an old blue tub the previous owners had left under one of the drains … and after every rain… there they are playing! I just have to be ultra careful to always empty it as soon as they finish. It’s definitely one of their favourite toys! (P.S Your chalkboard idea was brilliant. The kids love it!)

  2. Looks like fun! At the moment I am coveting those old concrete (double) laundry tubs – they’re great for growing vegies in!!!!

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