8 Reasons Octonauts are Awesome (Win!)

To say the Octonauts have captured my kids’ imaginations is an understatement, and I don’t think my children are alone!  I’ve overheard mums talking about the program, and kids role playing their favourite characters.  The Octonauts follows a team of adventure heroes who dive into action whenever there is trouble under the sea.  In a fleet of aquatic vehicles they rescue amazing sea creatures, explore incredible new underwater worlds and often save the day before returning safely to their home base, the Octopod.


So what is it exactly that makes this show stand out, and attract such a wave of support from parents and children?  Here are 8 (hehehe…) reasons why Octonauts are awesome:

  1. Graphics.  This program is a visual feast.  The talented duo from Meomi create a stunning CGI underwater world which combines true aspects of aquatic life with imaginary elements.
  2. Soundtrack.  Composer Darren Hendley (who also wrote the music for Olivia) brings to the program a high quality score reminiscent of any sci-fi-action-adventure film.  The music isn’t limited to opening and closing credits either. It features throughout each ten minute episode, adding to the excitement.
  3. Non-fiction content.  Each episode features an underwater animal in its natural habitat.  Along with the Octonauts, kids learn about interesting behaviours or unusual characteristics of each animal.
  4. Tried and true formula. Anyone who has watched their share of sci-fi adventures will recognise the similarities between the Octonauts and the crew from the Enterprise, or SG1, or….  (Yes, I am married to a geek).  Strong leader + shy medic + scientist-with-a-Scottish-accent + fearless adventurer = awesome team!
  5. Intelligent entertainment. Children’s programs which are “dumbed down” make me groan.  I believe television shows for kids should be language-rich, introduce interesting vocabulary, and model excellent use of conversation.  Octonauts more than meets my criteria in this department.
  6. Target age. There often seems to be a lack of good quality entertainment appropriate for kids in the 4-7 age range.  Between toddlers and tweenagers is a whole stage (which seems to be disappearing) called childhood!!  This program is ideal for lower primary aged kids. Yay!
  7. Environmental awareness.  I’m always happy for my kids to watch a television program which encourages them to get back outside after it’s finished, exploring the natural world and the creatures in it.  The “Explore! Rescue! Protect!” tagline of the Octonauts is relevant in any habitat.
  8. Understanding.  This program isn’t about good-guys and bad-guys.  It’s about good-guys and misunderstood-guys.  This is particularly important in the context of real animals.  There are no evil animals.  Sometimes creatures can harm us, but it is not because they are “bad” in any way.  Usually when animals hurt us it is because they are afraid and are defending themselves or their young.

Are your kids fans of Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso?  The first DVD is now available exclusively to ABC shops and ABC Online, and will be available at all good retailers from the 6th October.  Thanks to my friends at Roadshow and ABC4Kids I have FIVE copies of the Meet The Octonauts DVD to give away.  Simply leave a comment sharing what you or your children like about this program. Usual rules apply: one entry per person, Aussie residents only, comp closes Wed 28/9/11 8pm Qld time.

*Disclaimer: I received a review copy of the Octonauts DVD for this post and the usual admin fee applied.

81 thoughts on “8 Reasons Octonauts are Awesome (Win!)

  1. All three of my little people are HUGE fans of Octonauts…even 21 month old Bubble squeals “Noc-nauts” when it comes on. Only last week, 4 year old Woo said to me during bath time and completely out of the blue…”Mum, you know marine iguanas…they like to eat seaweed…and sea urchins have spikes to protect themselves…And you know sea an-em-an-en-o-nee…and orcas…” He went on and on about all the things he remembered about sea creatures from the show. That is why I love it! It is educational is such a fun way that they dont even realise they are learning!

  2. We have recently discovered this program, and we love it! I agree with all of your points, too! It’s great to see a kids program that encourages exploration, and also understanding and compassion. :) It’s just a pity that’s it’s generally been on when we turn off the TV for dinner!

  3. My 4 year old LOVES this show and every time it’s on, he asks if he can be an Octonaut when he grows up! What does mummy say to this question? Of course, you can be whatever you want to be :)

  4. Octonauts! What can I say: when the theme song begins there are excited cries of “Octonauts! They’re on!” and the boys often discuss the sea creatures the Octonauts encounter such as blue whales and spider crabs. My doctor/hospital obsessed son loves Peso who Zeke tells me “He’s a medic mum, for the animals.”

  5. My 2 little ones love this show they love anything to do with the ocean and that the voice is captain mack they even pretend they are octonauts when its not on i think a copy of this dvd would make thier day.

  6. When my three year old saw rubbish on the ground he announced that we must pick it up before it goes into the octonauts,I LOVED that he thought of them and didn’t have the heart to tell him that it us just a show!

  7. My kids love it too! Such a great show, like we use to have when we were young and not totally over-commercialised.

  8. my 4 yr old daughter loves the octonauts! Her birthday cake was octonauts themed!

    I think she loves the adventure!

    my other children also love the show, dancing to the music, and proclaiming, ‘a-splore, a-tect” (explore, protect)

  9. To say that the Bebito LOVES the Octonauts is an understatement. His Dada is a marine biologist by trade and they talk about all the “sea creatures” all the time. I think it helps bring them closer together in a way. I think he also likes how they help another animal out in every episode. & I like that they don’t have American accents! :)

    I think it is the cute friendly characters
    solving problems for lovely sea creatures.
    Something without cars is good!
    I love the music and tag line “explore rescue and protect” – what a great message.
    Great giveaway

  11. My almost 6 year old loves, loves, LOVES the octonauts. Many times a day I hear him humming the theme song. He often talks to me about problems he solves using the octopod and gup-a. He even had an octonauts cake at his early birthday party on Saturday.

  12. Haha- I love it! At my house, I’m the one who calls out to the kids when it’s on and they come racing. It’s the only show I remind them about, because it has been the inspiration for so much creative, role-play. Rather than watch with them, I like asking my 4 yr old what the episode was about – it’s great recall and story-telling practice : )

  13. This show captures the imagination of my kids, learning about sea creature and problem solving. It’s great for both boys and girls.

  14. My nephews (4 & 2) adore Octonauts for all the reasons you’ve described – I love to hear them laughing out loud at the characters.

    The 4 year-old is obsessed with Tweak (the rabbit) and made Tweak shapes out of biscuit dough last week, and regularly drags his little brother out on expeditions with him (he gets to be Peso). The older one’s other favourite show is David Attenborough documentaries because he adores animals and facts! Octonauts captures him in the same way because it’s richly informative, and also entertaining. And the little one is constantly integrating it into his play-acting through the day too – the car has been permanently renamed the Gup-B!

    What fun, they’d love the DVD!

  15. My daughter who just turned 5 loves them all but I have to say she has a soft spot for kwazii – she finds his mischevious antics very funny and loves how each time he learns a lesson and how to do things right . She also often says to me that they are all best friends even if they do something the other dont want them to do but they are friends so they stick together and get it right !! love it !!!!
    I personally love all the interesting little bits and pieces that she comes out with that she has learnt from the show – and get a little giggle over how many times in one day she can find reasons to say “shiver me wiskers” lol

  16. I am listening to octonauts in the background as I type this, both of my boys 5 and 7 are huge fans. I love it that Mr 7 1/2 still loves this sort of show over many others that I would rather he didn’t watch. It certainly also extends into their play all the time.

  17. My boys have been obsessed with Octonauts for the entire year. We love the characters, the graphics, the storylines, the learning about animals and the environment, all of it! It is one of the few tv shows that I am happy for them to watch. We play Octonauts all the time too – often when we are driving in the car the boys pretend it is one of the GUPs and they tell me what mission we are on!

  18. My son loves this too. As with a lot of children’s programs I think that they are horrible until I actually sit down and watch them! While my son certainly watches too much Tv I really do believe it has helped him with his vocab – which is well above others his age. Octonauts must be the new in thing as I overheard parents and children talking about them at the park last week too!

  19. My 4 year old son loves watching Octonauts,he is always pointing out all the “interesting water creatures” and filling me in on their names.
    This show has made him very interested in things that live in the sea and after viewing he usually follows with some kind of dramatic play. One day it might be taking any ocean toys to the sand table, fetching the sea shells from the bathroom or crafting up something ocean related :)

  20. We are a little lost now that Octanauts are not on at 5.15!

    My two year old has requested a Barnacles cake former birthday in four minths, I kept suggesting other options but am yet to change her mind.

  21. My 3 year old son loves Kwazii as he is a pirate! Love that this show is educational whilst also being entertaining. I agree with you – enough with the dumbing down of children’s shows!

  22. I love that this show gives my adventure-seeking son fodder for his mermaid-loving sister’s games! So much for little boys involves ‘baddies’ and guns, love that this show teaches a little about understanding and consideration :)

  23. My 4 year old son Cody and I love Octonauts because the theme song is so groovy and we enjoy dancing along and picking which character we will be for the day.

  24. OMG we LOVE the octonauts, I really want to get the dvd for my boys. We all (me included) watch every episode daily (it’s the only show apart from dirtgirl and playschool that they watch) I love that not only is it a super cool show it’s quite educational. I haven’t been able to find any octonaut clothes so I made the boys their own applique tees and they’ve asked me if I could make them an Octonaut table tent so that’s going to be my project and I intend to give it to the boys on Christmas day. Then they can have their own octonaut adventures under our table :)

  25. I love the Octonauts!!! Aspen loves saying the names of all the animals – especially the sharks. The graphics are so adorable and I find myself watching it myself!

  26. Octonauts is one of my sons favourite ABC shows. At the start of the year when he started kinder it was a shared love of Octonauts that helped him and another boy get to know each other and become friends. They are now best buds and still love ot play Octonauts. Great show.

  27. Oh man! To say my 4 year old LOVES the Octonauts is an understatement! He is obsessed. His favourite character is Barnacles and as soon as it comes on TV he races to our dress up box to try to dress like them. He desperately wants me to make him an Octonaut costume. Not sure how to do that though! Big big fans of the show.

  28. My 4 and 2 year old love this show. They love the animals and learning about them. Miss 4 also loves the adventure and ways to solve a problem. I love the motto and both the kids say it during play. Explore. Rescue. Protect

  29. The Octonauts siren sends my house into absolute silence. Well that is once my kids have finished runny around the house like a headless chicken screaming OCTONAUTS OCTONAUTS OCTONAUTS OCTONAUTS.

  30. This would be great! When we recently went on a plane and landed in Queensland my 3 year old looked out the window and saw the wind sock and said ‘look Mummy, a whale shark!’. I know where she got that from!

  31. My 3 year old has loved this show for ages. He really gets the concept of how Quasi thinks it’s a scary animal at first and then they get to know the animal, talk to it, and realise that it’s just in fact unknown and once they get to know it they can be friends. Rings true for a lot of things in life. He also learnt the words teamwork and now uses it at home all the time when he helps with things lol, it’s very cute. I love this show and it’s so educational and entertaining that I don’t mind when he makes me watch 10 episodes we’ve saved on the Tivo over and over and over again lol.

  32. We love the Octonauts!! The kids for all the reasons you listed above and me because it’s on at the time of day I like to shower and I get to do it in peace!!

  33. My son is 7 and LOVES Octonauts, he quotes facts back at me days/weeks after episodes and he loves drawing each Octonaut, the sea creatures and the different Gups.
    This last term he has studied sea creatures at school so we have been reading alot of information books about them and he loves that things he has read/learnt he has also seen on Octonauts.

  34. what is it with these octonauts. My son loves them, in fact this whole year at 3yr old kinder has been about Octonauts, it’s all the boys play in the outdoor area and so much so the teachers have embraced it and they have done many under water activities embracing them. seriously!

  35. My little boys 5 and 2 both love the Octonauts and have been asking fora DVD of it for ages! They love all the underwater creatures and my 5 year old now wants to be a diver when he grows up. We often see him walking around with his rash shirt, big full face goggles and his dads huge flippers!

  36. Miss M (5) says that she loves the show because Kwazii can do funny things. He is really funny.

    Last week we took princess cupcakes to kindy for Miss M’s birthday while her little buddy took Octonaut cupcakes on the same day. Guess which ones every child was talking about. It is definitely a much loved show.

  37. My girls get so sucked into this show, and for once I don’t mind. It’s not inane nonsense or irritating to parents, I can sit down and watch it with them without permanently lowering my iq.

    Explore, rescue, and protect! My babes love this motto and will leap off the couch yelling it!

  38. My five year old loves octonauts and constantly amazes me by the facts he remember from the show. He currently has decided that his bed is the octopod and needs to be remodelled (think sheet and doona over the bed head) almost every day!

  39. I am a happy mama when the octonauts comes on in the evening. It stops the two year old in his tracks, meaning I can finish dinner, and provides the 6 year old with all sorts of interesting information which he regurgitates at random intervals throughout the day. Loved your post!

  40. The fact that my kids love this show (including my 9 yr old) is no surprise to me – it’s as great as you say. However, what I’m more surprised by, is that I’m often the one transfixed when it comes on!

  41. I love it because my girls learn so much from it and freely tell everyone about their learnings (making me look like a fantastic mum – while really I put it on while making dinner!)

  42. We haven’t seen Octonauts yet – but this could become our new favourite show… I’ll have to set the recorder to get a couple of episodes ready.

  43. This was actually the hot topic between the kindy mums just last week! We love the Octonauts at our house because it crams so much good stuff into each 10-15 min episode. Not only does it provide information and knowledge which my 6 year old soaks up like a sponge! but it also teaches morals and has helped my kids to develop empathy. These traits are often very difficult to teach small children but we use the Octonauts as our ‘lessons for living’ in the same way my parents used some of my favourite fairy tales to teach me.

  44. The Munchkin LOVES anything to do with the underwater world – from David Attenborough to Octonauts! I haven’t really sat down to watch it with him much (which actually says a lot about the value of the content – if I was concerned, I would), but it seems to have such great themes, and totally engages a young lad (he’s 5) who knows more about sharks and other aquatic creatures than I do. Would love the DVD, but not as much as the Munchkin would!

  45. I always know when Octonauts comes on. There is lots of jumping, clapping and loud cries of “OCTONAUTS! Look mum OCTONAUTS is on!!!!”. The type of excitment I would reserve for winning Lotto :)

  46. The girls looove the Octonauts and we get a ‘Did you know….’ comments about the various animals they are discovering. My friends kids have made their own Octonauts door buttons out of bottle tops and cardboard and attached them near a doorway, so they wave their hands as they go past and make the beeping sound…very cute!

  47. Hi Squiggle Mum! My two LOVE Octonauts also. They like the fact (quote) “that they are nice, they help each other and they rescue people”. (also that they slide down a “funny slide”) I think it teaches them great values and the show has definitely prompted them to run around outside exploring things and sounding the octo-alert when they need to go and rescue animals!

  48. I like…
    … that my nearly 2 year old gets soooo excited when the Octonauts come on.
    … that he stays captivated for each and every program from start to finish.
    … that it’s not painful for me to watch and listen to with him like soooo many other childrens shows are.
    … that it’s about ‘Exploring’, ‘Rescueing’ and ‘Protecting’ which are all valuable things I want my son to learn.
    … that I have a chance to win a DVD for him! :-)

  49. Both of my girls love this show. They run in every night yelling ‘Mum, Mum the astronauts are on, the astronauts are on!’ They tell me they like the different adventures every night.

  50. I have no idea what my kids like about this show but even my almost 8 year olds love this show, which makes a nice change from them wanting to watch shows that I feel are too old for them.

  51. My kids LOVE Octonauts. Its one of three programs that we record for our kids. I love that it introduces aquatic animals and their environments. My kids watch the episodes over and over (until we sneakily delete it!!)

  52. Hello!

    My boys LOVE the Octonauts so much that the older two boys have even tried to “chuck a sickie” just so they could stay home from school to watch an episode!!
    The Octonauts website is regularly visited on our computer to play games and watch clips.
    WE LOVE IT!!!
    We went looking for the Octonauts DVD about 6 months ago so it is VERY VERY exciting to see it is finally here!!

  53. What I love about this show is the conversations it leads to! My son has Receptive Language Disorder and he loves Octonauts, just yesterday he managed to tell me about something that happened in an episode he saw hours before!

  54. My kids are all avid Octonauts fans (all 4, Age range 2-9)

    It is one of the only kids tv shows that I haven’t found a flaw with and the kids repeat the facts about the creature they’ve helped. I think it’s a fantastic show and I’d (We’d) love a copy!

    As a side note, this is one of the most brilliant sponsored posts I’ve read.

    Mrs Tully

  55. Both my little boys love Octonauts. Mr 2.5 loves Peso and is convinced that he saw an episode where there were two Pesos. Mr 1 doesn’t sit through many TV shows, but will stop his climbing endeavours when it comes on.

  56. Great giveaway! My 19mo daughter and I love the Octonauts. I think it’s entertaining and educational. Such a great concept :)

  57. All three of my children (3,5 & 7) LOVE this show. Each time it comes on there are squeals of delight. I have witnessed role plays in the back yard as they reenact the rescues they have seen. Love that they learn about different sea creatures as well. Intelligent, yet fun and entertaining viewing each day. :).

  58. Oh my, the Octonauts! In this house, we live, breathe and eat Octonauts. Well, we don’t actually *eat* the crew, but I’ve made the spaghetti and meatballs into an Octopod shape before. We have the original books, every episode recorded on the t-box and Miss 3 loves the Octonauts website. She’s even figured out how to trick it so she gets her creature cards quicker.

    Her favourite character is Kwazii – honestly, a pirate kitten?! Genius! Mine would have to be Tunip, because…well, he’s a turnip vegetable (vegimal) who loves to bake. Plus, I love that she’s learning all sorts of interesting information in a show that doesn’t drive me batty! :)

  59. All 4 of my kiddies – aged 3-8 love the Octonauts!!! It’s one of the only shows my 8 year old gets excited to watch with the other 3 as he’s getting a bit over the little kids shows. I often find my kids playing ‘octonauts’ together & love that it encourages creativity & great imaginations as well as giving them great information & facts!!

  60. My nine year old tells me she loves it because it’s a “fun, cartoon documentary about the sea”.

    My toddler loves naming all the characters and running through the house shouting “Sound the ockoawert!”

    I love it because it is fun, informative and “real” when it comes to the important things, while still appealing to kids imaginations.

  61. My two boys love the Octonauts. They jump off the couch to start dancing as soon as it comes on. The only trouble arises when they’re deciding ‘who they’re each going to be today’ – ‘but you were Barnacles yesterday!’

  62. I love that Octonauts appeals to my 2 year old daughter as much as it does to my nearly-5 year old son. She loves the visual side to it most of all (it really is quite beautiful), and he loves the characters and the storylines. He constantly amazes me with how much he takes in – every day he tells me something about a new sea creature he has learnt about! After every episode he goes straight for his book about the Oceans and looks up more about the creature he has just seen :)

  63. My kids love the music, the things they learn about the animals and the characters. Their motto is something that gets rattled around a lot when they play together. Love hearing that from my kids :)

  64. My kids absolutely LOVE this show – it is their favourite by far (ages 6, 4 & 2). I like the way it captures their imagination and gets their own ideas going – like the other day I found them playing a spinoff of the Octonauts called “Octomoons” (made up by them) – their trampoline was the moon, they would moonwalk over to our ramp where there were 2 mattresses they used as their rocket ships and they had awesome adventures just like the Octonauts – rescuing, exploring and having fun! My 4 year old son is always telling me the latest Octonaut plot and I love hearing him get excited. :)

  65. Octonauts- we love you. From the moment we wake, happily singing the song, to wondering what Peso would do, or what Captain Barnacles thinks… We’ve even downloaded the theme song as a ring tone! Go the octonauts!

  66. My son LOVES the “Oct-it’s”, as he calls it and can tell you all about Dashi, Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso and immediately goes to watch, when he hears it come on.
    I love he is so captured by a show with the tagline Explore, Rescue, Protect!

  67. My 3 year old loves it, my 7 year old loves even I love it! We ALL learn something new and interesting every time its on!

  68. I really appreciate the Octonauts… I’m a little particular about what we let my son watch but I feel like this is educational and has good values… we love it! :)

  69. We love dancing to the theme song, and any time we are off on adventure the kids sing it back to me. My friend crocheted some arigarumi captain barnacles and peso for us to swap for dummies going I the bin.

  70. first, peso is scared of almost anything, kwazii has to tell about made up monsters in front of the others, including peso, dashi always has to take pictures of almost everything, barnicals is the leader of them all, tweak gets on my nearvs by when they ask her to fix somthing she has to say “I’ll fix it faster than you can say “munch a bunch of crunchy carrots”, tunip is so funny, inkling is almost like the smart one, and shellington he’s always studing things

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