Fence Storage

Every now and then I have great idea, followed closely by

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

The simple ideas are always the best. I simply screwed a couple of old brass hooks (which were lying unused in the bottom of a toolbox) onto the fence at child height.  We were already using the two green baskets for outdoor toy storage.  I love them because:

  • dirt and sand fall out through the gaps
  • rain water doesn’t collect in the bottom
  • there are no dark corners so it’s less likely a redback will move in
  • the kids can see into them
  • they are lightweight and easy to move around
  • they were only $2 each

Hanging them on the fence was a stroke of genius (if I do say so myself).  I also added a couple of S hooks to the vine on the fence for the kids’ stilts.  These weren’t getting much use in the bottom of a box, but are much more inviting hanging up like this.  Wonder what else I can attach to the fence…?!

10 thoughts on “Fence Storage

  1. I am totally doing this! I love the idea that rainwater doesn’t collect and the spiders not loving a dark space. Also sand won’t collect so easily either. Great idea. Yeah! Why didn’t you (or I even) think of that sooner.

  2. also you might like to keep them shaded, the ones I had in the sun went very brittle after a while.

  3. Love the fence idea although would worry about things deteriorating in there, shade a good idea, and dog clips too. We have a big fence that might be acquiring some pieces too.

  4. Great idea for the sand gear. I’m always wondering how best to store it, without getting heaps of sand in the garage and then of course the house. Unfortunately we don’t have anywhere with shade to stop them from deteriorating in the sun, but if we ever do ( we rent so it’s a good chance lol) I’ll have to try and remember this lol

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