Baking With Kids – Mission Possible

Baking with kids isn’t impossible… in fact it’s heaps of fun!  We have been baking up a storm these holidays thanks to Mission For Health and the a-w-e-s-o-m-e baking box they sent us!  Best of all – I have an awesome box for a SquiggleMum reader too :-)

Here’s our baking mission in pictures:

Choose a recipe.

Clean the table ready for baking.

Cream the butter and sugar.

Crack the egg!

Sift flour and add. Get ready to knead the dough.

Roll the dough.

Cut out shapes.

Bake in the oven.

Next day: time to decorate.

Look what we made!

*   *   *

If you would like to win the same baking box we received, just leave a comment below sharing what you and your kids like to cook together. Easy.  (Aussie residents only, one entry per person, comp closes 8pm Friday 15/7/11)

You might also like to check out Dettol’s Mission for Health website and the tops tips from celebrity ambassador Toni Pearen.  I think perhaps Dettol suspected we might encounter a little finger-licking-goodness while baking with kids…

Disclaimer: I received the Baking Box courtesy of Dettol’s Mission For Health campaign, but did not receive payment for this campaign.


This comp has now closed, AND THE WINNER IS:

#8 – Kathryn Cavalieri

Congratulations Kathryn. Hope you and your kids enjoy.

114 thoughts on “Baking With Kids – Mission Possible

  1. Oooh we love baking here! Bear’s favourite thing to bake at the moment is chocolate chip cookies from Bill Granger’s Sydney Food cookbook. Though I love the classic cheesy vegemite scroll for a super easy recipe you can’t beat for taking with you on little adventures. After 2 weeks with the oven not working I’m itching for some baking this weekend. This would be a great kit to win!

  2. While we love baking, we also love watching the series “I Can Cook” and making individual portions for dinner! Lots of fun :) I love that we’re rehearsing a skill for life while having fun together creating something special (that doesn’t later have to be glued into a book!!!)

  3. What lovely photos! I love baking with my kids too. Our favourites are muffins and muesli slice. I find it funny how quick the kids are to help, and then once the bowls and spoons have been handed over to be licked, they are just as quick to disappear!

  4. wheee! that would be the perfect parcel to receive in the mail, to break up the monotony of the cold days we are having here.

    yesterday having been inspired by mud pie play outdoors, we baked edible mud pies indoors!

  5. My boys and I (Master Chef 5 & master Chef 3) love making home-made sausage rolls together. Not only do we get most of the vegies that go in them from our own garden, but there is a job for everyone. Mummy Master Chef mixes, master Chef 5 rolls meat/vegies into pastry and cuts them into bite sixed portions aand Master Chef 3 gets busy “Painting the Sausage rolls with his pastry brush and egg wash!” Not only have we had a great time together, learnt lots about healthy foods, but use lots of numeracy as we measure and mix in the ingredients. Best of all we then all sit down and enjoy our yummy healthy lunch/dinner!

  6. My 3 boys all love cooking – anything from pizzas from scratch to slices, biscuits, cupcakes, scrolls – you name it! The current favourite is oat biscuits. The box of goodies looks great!

  7. Truely an AWESOME prize!!!!! We love to bake here. Miss 2 and a half loves to help me bake cakes and decorate them. We have so much fun together ♥

  8. My girls and I love baking cupcakes, biscuits, anything sweet really. My 4yo is really starting to enjoy icing the cupcakes herself now and it makes for some fun times in the kitchen.

  9. My daughters, especially my almost 4 yr old, love to cook anything with me! Miss 4 knows how to make white sauce, and has our vanilla cupcake recipe down pat!!
    (she even corrected Daddy for making the white sauce wrong!)

  10. I would love to win this fab prize. The kids and I LOVE to cook together; in fact Mr 10 is a budding Masterchef who even likes to commentate as he cooks. Our favourite things to make together are biscuits – especially shapes, as you’ve done here – as well as cupcakes, muffins, lasagne, and pasta. Mr 10 also likes to whip up omelettes for breakfast on the weekend, while Miss 8 prefers to do pancakes.

  11. We absolutely love baking in our house and our favourite thing to cook is cupcakes. At the moment we’re enjoying finding cookbooks at the library and trying out new recipes. We think your biscuits look very tasty!

  12. We’ve been busy in the kitchen this week too! Meringues are a new favourite that we have been making (and the left over yolk means carbonara for dinner!), and yoyos were also on the menu. I made the rhubarb & walnut loaf on my own as Miss 4 was feeling a bit ill, but once she is better it’s time to make the 2nd batch of sausage rolls for the week. A busy kitchen indeed!

  13. My 2 girls and I like to make brownies (for daddy’s lunches), biscuits (although we eat most of the dough before we cook them ;) and pikelets! They are great at stirring!! and enjoy licking the bowl!

  14. My girls love to spend time in the kitchen, we’ve just been learning how to make playdough these school holidays – experimenting with different textured playdough as they don’t enjoy the salty one so much.

    My 8yo is learning to be more independent in the kitchen and loves to make basic biscuit and cakes by herself :-) it is very cool watching her learning through doing.

  15. My little man loves to help me bake too. His favorites are brownies and choc chip cookies. What a fabulous prize!

  16. Me and my son loves to bake cake, cookies and pasteries together.Its so much fun when growing up kids shows interest in baking and helping us.It feels great to pass on our family traditions to our kids.

  17. We love to bake together at our place! The girls help me with anything I cook, from Anzac biccies to the Christmas fruit cake and gingerbread we make every year. Cooking wiht my kids is so much fun, it’s not just about tasting and the finished product, it’s about teaching them how things come together to make something else, and the quantities we need to make it work. Maths and science never tasted so good! :)

  18. We love cooking birthday cakes! – with lots of family and friends, my girls love cooking a birthday cake or cupcakes for everyone’s birthdays. Our family is now used to a bit of that “special” kids love that gets added to each cake in the shape of a bit of uncooked cake mixture testing as it goes into the cake tin.

  19. We love cooking all sorts of things, particularly home made pizza as the kids can decide what to put on their pizza – and then they will certainly eat it!

  20. We just whipped up a batch of choc chip cookies using Nanna’s failsafe recipe yesterday – fun, and apparently the dough tasted pretty good too! Both the older girls are budding chefs, so we’ve had a few cut fingers as we’ve been learning early knife skills – getting better though.

  21. hmmm…Miss almost 3 and I love baking together!We baked a teacake last week, really easy, if unlike me, you remember to take the butter out of the fridge PRIOR to needing to bake the cake! Her favourite part was stirring (and taste testing):)

  22. We love to bake here as well … usually cupcakes, weetbix slice and biscuits are our favourites … just wish I had more time to do it :-)

  23. My kids love baking! We try and do it at least once a week. lately we have been making mini quiches and also cupcakes which are always a favourite!

  24. how appropriate! I have just finished baking a batch of sultana cookies w my 2.5 year old (while his 4.5 year old brother commentated). He is very eager to do it all himself, from mixing to cracking the egg (urgh!). It’s rather messy but he enjoys it so it’s worth it! :D

  25. WOW what an amazing prize! My girls both love helping to cook, they sit up at the bench and help with the measuring, pouring, stirring and most importantly taste testing! My eldest loves to get her cookbook out and pick a recipe to make. I have very fond memories of cooking/baking with my Mum, Grandma and Nan and can only hope my girls grow up with similar beautiful memories!

  26. Amy loves to bake with me and as I type she is sitting at the kitchen table making “cakes” with her playdough cake making set that she got for her birthday last week! She would love this prize!

  27. We cook everything together. My two boys love to cook and I’m not allowed to make anything without their help. I think it’s wonderful that they enjoy it so much. And not only is it fun but it’s also very educational. My 5 year old is learning all about fractions and he’s also learning to read by helping me read the recipes. And my 3 yr old is just the best at mixing

  28. You know, we love baking … and today I promised a school holiday treat – chocolate chip cookies (we even had a little friend over to play just for the occasion!). Clean hands, check. Aprons, check. Bowls, check. Mixers, check. Oven preheated, check. Flour, chococolate chips, sugar, butter, check. Eggs … eggs … Miss 5 says “Oh eggs, yes Daddy ate those for breakfast …”. Tomorrow, we will bake tomorrow ! LOL … It is always fun, and besides, eating the chocolate chips wasn’t so bad LOL …

  29. My 2 year old loves mixing the ingredients – not able to much else …. yet! But it is a fun activity to do together all the same!

  30. We love to bake! (You’ve seen the size of my hips and thighs, so I’m sure you’re not surprised.

    We’ve been baking during the school holidays too – we’ve just taken a batch of backed from scratch blueberry and white chocolate muffins from the oven. :-) Earlier in the week my daughter helped to cook Thai green curry for dinner.

    I find that baking together when they were younger has encouraged my older children (10 & 12) to develop an interest in helping in the kitchen. They are now keen to help cook dinner and they are gradually developing a range of recipes that they can manage mostly on their own. My younger son (7) still prefers to bake. His favourite is cupcakes.

    (BTW My youngest has just wandered past the computer and spotted the giveaway cooking kit, which has has declared to be ‘super cool’.)

  31. We love to cook muffins, biscuits ,cakes basically anything we can bake and a family favorite in the kitchen is pizza!

  32. Miss 5 and I love baking meatballs together. It’s downright dirty delectable fun. Miss five especially enjoys mixing all the messy meaty ingredients through with her fingers and adding lots of different seasonings to give her special touch. Once she even added some vegemite which actually tasted good. It’s all fun baking with Miss five.

  33. We love to make gingerbread bears – any shape will do, really, but my daughter loves Goldilocks so especially likes making gingerbread with our 3 sizes of bear cutters. The other day, she “cooked” me a meal using some fish bath toys and some knitted food that Grandma had made!

  34. I dont have kids, but I love baking scones with my friends kids and my nieces/nephews/little cousins. Scones aren’t boring — there is jam and cream and sticky fingers :) I used to make them with my nana so i love keeping the tradition going

  35. Mine would have to be ham and cheese scrolls :D Little man loves kneeding and waiting for the dough to rise :D

  36. We lov lov lov making any thing christmas. Ginder bread houses, christmas cookies ect. And we get to make it twice a year, Got to lov christmas in July :) :)

  37. My 3yr old and i love to bake his favorite thing to make is choc balls as he can get nice and messy rolling them we also bake lots of cakes, slices and cookies to give to neighbours, family and Friends

  38. my 4 yr old son loves doing the piping on the vanilla mousse cupcakes we make, he asks everyday can we make something……might have a pastry chef in the making on my hands

  39. My 3 year old son and i love to make scones and biscuits as he knows he gets to use his hands in the scone mixture and can crack an egg without getting the shell in the mixture and i’m sure he eats the biscuit dough first before its cooked because he can’t wait, like his mum

  40. My 5 year old Granddaughter Chloe and I love cooking everything from cakes to our tea and desserts,since she has been helping me she eats all sorts of different healthy foods and we have so much fun together,even making her 5th birthday cake together..

  41. Now how can you go past scones as a favourite?! I have been doing these with my kids for years. It takes 3 ingredients, and is just so easy to make. Yes, it does leave a bit of a mess behind with flour everywhere, but we’ve found that covering the entire table with cling wrap beforehand does help!

  42. We love to make cookie lollipops. They love rolling out the dough and using different shape cookie cutters. I think having the cookies on a stick makes it that extra special.

  43. We do lots of baking together. Particularly when our treats are all gluten free. So Muffins, Quiche, Frog in the hole, Biscuits, pikelets and gingerbread people are all regulars for us. Masterchef has also helped with the encouragement of lots of cooking. The kids don’t watch it that often but will notice the symbol for masterchef everywhere. Cupcakes and choc chip biscuits are on the agenda for this weekend too.

  44. We love baking (and cooking) together. Favourites are choc chip muffins and lately we have been delving into the world of grain free baking (almond flour). Yesterday we made a beautiful carrot walnut birthday cake with almond flour.

  45. We love making muffins, pikelets and cookies but our favourite thing to bake each birthday is special cakes chosen from Nanna’s vintage copy of the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book.

  46. We love cooking here too. Ruby’s favourite is biscuits (particularly shortbread as the dough is so yummy apparently) and Lucy’s favourite is cake. Any cake. And it has to have icing. And if smarties should happen to be around to decorate it, well then that’s pretty great too!

  47. Great giveaway!

    We love to cook and bake together, something with multiple steps like cakes and biscuits so everyone can have a turn. Dinners are good for the older one to help and Honey Joys are a favourite for the little one.

  48. I love baking with my mum – whether it be cupcakes, cakes, cookies or even something like tuna pasta bake. The bonding time we have together is great and I love it!

  49. What a great prize to share with the kids! My children and I love to make mini pizza faces together but our favourite baking activity is decorating cupcakes. They really show off their imagination and creativity.

  50. Great prize…would it be wrong of me to admit that whilst it is great to see my kids baking, that the man on the box makes me think it would be nice to see him baking in my kitchen too? Just a thought. I guess though – in 15 years, some girl is going to think its pretty cool that my son is cooking for her! :)

  51. Miss 2 has recently been diagnosed anaphylaxis to nuts and allergic to eggs, so we like to try and find yummy nut free goodies that we can bake. She can have eggs that are an ingredient that have been baked for more than 20 mins over 180 degrees so our quest is a little bit easier taking that into account!

  52. I have 3 children aged 2,4,and 7. Our favourite meal to cook together is Pizza. Everyone helps chop the ingredients and then each child designs their own pizza. More gets eaten in the making than after! Of course the kids also love baking a good cake!

  53. My 5 year old loves cooking and decorating sweet things, my 16 month old is more interested in playing with blocks etc BUT my 2.5 year old tries to get into the kitchen any chance he gets (we have a gate on it). He helps me prepare all out meals plus whatever else we happen to be cooking!

  54. Wow!Awesome pack! Baking with my children 3 and 6 is an experience. Most of the time our delights only half work out as they so often eat the ingredients before they are baked. :) We need fast fun and instant! Quick clean up is a must if we are going to suceed in the kitchen!

  55. of course we love to make cupcakes, but the kids do love to make pita bread pizzas, and help with the crumbing of the chicken schnitzels.

  56. I love cooking with my 3 year old. My hubby wanted to buy a play kitchen for her, but in the end we decided against it because we cook in the real kitchen all the time. We bake all our kindy treats every week together. It such a wholesome activity and saves money as well as us knowing exactly what ingredients are (and more importantly are not) going into the cakes. I have a great receipe for chocolate muffins that are packed full of hidden broccoli and zuchini that are a favourite in our house!!

  57. Nice cookies!

    My daughter (age 5) and I are currently obsessed with making cake pops. She’s in charge of baking and crumbling up the cake, mixing in the frosting, and all the decorating. I do the mundane tasks: rolling the balls and coating them in chocolate… and of course the clean up ;)

  58. My eldest son and I make cupcakes together and my husband and my son love cooking together. He will run and get his stool to stand on to help his dad prepare meals and ‘oversee’ what is happening in the kitchen. It is so cute to watch.

  59. I have just bought master Edison (2) a little baking set & put it away for Xmas (eBay ofcourse – I’m an eBay addict :)) it’s a great way to get him away from the tv or to stop him from getting up to mischief at dinner time.
    I get him up on a bar stool opposite me & what ever it is I am baking I’ll give him a small cupful of my mixture & put it in a little Tupperware container for him, hand him a silicon spatular & away he goes mixing. He loves it.
    Although, he usually taste tests an uncooked mix and pulls a horrible face & says “mmmmm yummm” lol

  60. My eldest son is three & absolultely loves getting in the kitchen. We love to bake together, whether is be cakes or slices, & he enjoys sharing to peel the veges for dinner. Cooking is definiely one joy of mine (& hubby’s) that we want to pass onto our children.

  61. Oh. My. Goodness.
    Miss 2 and Miss 3 love to bake – sweet treats mostly, and also home-made pizzas. Lately Miss 3 has been asking to help with dinner too, so I try to give her special jobs to help out.
    We would so love to win this pack. Awesome.

  62. I recently rediscovered the joy (and mess lol) of cooking with my 3 girls (11, 7 and 2) after having a relapse (I have multiple sclerosis) earlier this year which has made it hard for me to do much physical stuff with my kids. Our favourite (and regular) things to make so far is choc chip cookies and sherberts pie (my 7yr old cant seem to say shepherds so sherberts has stuck) :)

  63. We love baking here and my son just loves his “cooking class”. Our favourite to bake together would have to be cookies or scones. Both so good and tasty! And he is a great help.

  64. Baking is my best stand by. It is perfect because you entertain the kids and actually get a job ticked off the to do list at the same time…even if it is just a little messier than usual.

  65. We’ve just spent the day cooking a dragon cake, complete with cupcake eyes and ice crema cone spikes. This was for hubby’s birthday tomorrow (the cake chosen by 3yo Ella). Her other option was to make him a butterfly cake. I say we do that one next!! :)

  66. Lately Masterchef has inspired us and our favourite is making pasta together, getting the kids to help wind the pasta through the machine etc. Cooking is great fun!

  67. My son & I do a lot of baking together (which is quite detrimental to my post second-baby body!!). My son loves making muffins the most…we have a basic mix and experiment with different flavours…any excuse for him to lick the beaters too :)

  68. My 2 year old daughter loves to help me to decorate cupcakes but my favourite is when its family members birthdays. I will make a small cake, cover it and give my daughter a large selection of decorations to let her creativity out! I love the individuality of the cakes and our family loves to receive something that she has personally made for them!! She is so impresses with the praise that she receives, such a great moment to be able to share with her.

  69. My 2 girls and I love to make these amazing choc chip biscuits.They’re full of choc chips and then we top them with smarties for the full chococlate fix! It’s amazing that there are any smarties left to actually top them with. 2 for me, 1 for the biscuit…… :P

  70. What don’t we bake! Choc chip cookies are one of our favourites but we have a tradition that beats this most of the time. When Nanny comes over, Lacey demands she make pikelets with her.

  71. My boys like to help out with lots of bits & pieces in the kitchen – pancakes, soups, bacon & eggs, biscuits, cakes, etc – you name it – they’ve helped somewhere along the line!

    Masterchef has inspired many a cooking adventure in our household too – even to the point of voting on the foods we have prepared! *grin*

  72. My kids love to help out in the kitchen and this package looks perfect for little hands to get right into baking! I am heading back to work full time next week, so if I was to win this package it would give the kids and I special time together baking lots of goodies in the weekends. Super fun!!

  73. My 4 grankids love to help with the cooking, from making their own pizzas from scratch to (some)helping with the cleaning up. If I won this package it would enable them to make some more lasting good memories of cooking with nan and help them in their culinary experiences as well as consolidating good health and hygiene habits.

  74. We probably don’t cook as much together as we should, but our kitchen is so small it is hard.
    My 3 year old will often want to make something after we have dropped his brother’s at school. We often make biscuits or playdough.
    I would love the recipe for chocolate muffins with broccoli and zucchini from Melissa Walker.

  75. Anything with chocolate chips is a winner with my 7 year old at the moment – although not so sure whether it is the lure of a fun cooking experience or sneakily devouring more choc chips than is good for a child who already bounces off the walls :)

  76. Just arrived at Grandma’s house to find the kids have made: lemon cake, chocolate chip muffins, cinnamon cake and a round tea cake. Yum! Who said that the kids have to wait until Mum is available?!

  77. Hi

    I would like to enter my daughter in the competition as she lives in the Outback and has two little girls who are both under three. The oldest girl loves stirring the mixture for Mum and of course, like all little ones, likes tasting everything just to make sure Mum is cooking it correctly. The baby isn’t old enough to help at the moment. They don’t have a real good internet connection so I thought I’d enter on behalf of them.

  78. My 2 year old and 4 year old boys love to bake gingerbread men and since they are obsessed with Rubbish Trucks they decorate them to be Rubbish Men!

  79. On Friday my Step kids come over and its a special night for us as we all come together as a family with our other to kids. Baking is something important we do to relax everyone and come together as our family each Friday.
    We make cookies , cup cakes and brownies, everyone helps and we all love to lick the spoon and bowl!!!

  80. Our favourite recipe at the moment is simple scones that require just three ingredients (perfect to make with my one, three and four year old). We mix 3 cups of SR flour, 1 cup of lemonade and 1 cup of cream. The fun part is rolling the dough into balls. But, the best part of all is eating freshly bakes scones with jam and cream.

  81. My son and I love cooking fish. Mackerel is our favourite. When the fishmonger asks if we want the heads cutting off we both chorus ‘NO!!!’ A loves to help cleaning the fish (often to be found pretending it is swimming in the ocean or turning it into a flying fish!) and has learnt that when the eyes go cloudy on both sides it is good and ready to eat. It always makes me laugh how so many people are horrified…we have looked at the fins, scales and even discovered that some have what look like teeny-tiny teeth. What is there to be afraid of – I am all for hands on learning and with so many children these days being unaware/uncertain of what food is and where it comes from, I always do as much as I can to educate my son (and sometimes myself) what we are eating.

  82. My big boy LOVES to cook. He is going to be a ‘cheft’ (and no that is not a typo) when he grows up and have a restaurant in Queensland (no idea why it has to be so far away) called Rainbow Restaurant and he will cook all the yummy things that I cook, but none of the yucky things! LOL

    We cook together a lot… chicken and mushroom pasta for dinner (he is fab at cutting mushrooms and brocoli), pita chips, and choc self saucing pudding are his favourite things to cook at the moment

  83. Baking with the children is one of my favourite holiday activities too. Biscuits and cupcakes are high on the most desired list but my eldest is now showing more interest in assisting with meal time cooking too.

  84. My son gets soooo excited when he is helping me cook. He gets so enthusiastic, I have to stop him from falling of the chair he is standing on! He just loves it :)

  85. What a great idea! My daughter (3) LOVES to bake! And its such a joy teaching and cooking with her.. though I have to say I have to bite my tongue when she wants to help EVERYNITE when I’m in a hurry though!

  86. I am a new follower and your blog looks great! My kids and I love to cook homemade pizzas. We make our own dough (also good to play with if there is any left over), sauce and add lots of fresh ingedients. The kids love making their own pizzas. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize.

  87. It is a bit hard with a 10 month old, but whenever i bake she sits by my feet with my puppy and watches every step as i explain them to her :D

    Her favorite so far (dont tell dad) was when we baked some upside down caramel slice and i gave her a tiny winy bit of the chocolate pastry! ;)

    I also love cooking with my 11 year old niece, i bought her a cupcake pack (all the masterchef ones sold out so i made my own up) which included a recipe book for 500 cupcakes! On christmas eve we made orio cupcakes and we ate so much dough and icing that there was no room for the baked cupcakes! *giggles* i think we both learned a lesson that night – dont eat dinner cause it takes up all the cupcake room – JOKES! LOL….

  88. My almost 3 year old and myself love cooking Anzac biscuits together. It’s super easy and just what she can manage. I measure out all the ingredients and she pours them in and then ‘stirs’ (aka decorating the entire kitchen in flour and oats). I really do think that it’s our favourite thing to cook together because every ingredient is yummy and sweet to taste test as we go (an essential requirement for home baking). And who doesn’t love piping hot, fresh Anzac biscuits.. besides, they’re kinda healthy ;)

  89. Miss 7 and Mr 5 love baking and decorating gingerbread people. Smartie cookies are another favourite!:)

  90. I have 3, 2 and nearly 1 year old girls who love to be in the kitchen with me ‘helping’. I have a very small kitchen so it gets interesting. Miss 3 loves to stir, Miss 2 loves to tip things in and Miss nearly 1 is our taster in her highchair. Cakes are always a hit but the favourite is home made pizza, rolling out the dough, spreading sauce on top and then the toppings, Miss 3 likes to do faces so usually has minimum topping, Miss 2s toppings usually end up in one big pile on one side and Mummy does Miss nearly ones and she likes lots of cheese.
    Never to early to get them involved!

  91. Cookies are our favourite thing. Our best recently was a sultana and oat cookie that was egg, dairy, nut and wheat free. Not the flavour sensation. That you get with ‘normal’ ingredients but not bad! Now that we can start introducing wheat into Miss 2’s diet we have some more recipe exploring to do!

  92. Old family traditional recipes have been the most popular, but recently my 8yr old daughter has been adding to those with some great new recipes! From when I used to make our Coconut Jam Drops with my Mum (and eating the mixture raw), to it being me and my daughter (and both of us eating the mixture we had to make a double batch so there was enough to share around!! hehe). She now makes them on her own for the rest of the family to enjoy. She now has a few cookbooks and starts her own shopping list of ingredients. AND she even cleans up after herself! How good is that. I love her enthusiasm for cooking (and being organised!!). And to have a helping hand at dinner time preparing salads or chopping vegetables, is a blessing for a busy mum xx

  93. I have a 2 year old and 7 month old but we cook ALL the time together; at least a few times a week! I have cooked all bikkies, cakes, slices at home since I was a child (thanks Mum!) and my son now thinks this is the norm. His personal favourite is just the standard chocolate cake. I think this is because it his favourite to eat. We usually make the mixture together. He can’t crack eggs yet but he can put all other ingredients into the bowl. I put each individual ingredient into bowls so when it comes time to combine it is easy for him to pour each bowl in. He loves to stir.
    We usually make mini chocolate cakes (chocolate cupcakes) and ice and decorate later. They get eaten sooooo fast in this house. My husband takes a few to work every day.

    My 7 month old loves to sit and watch and gets excited if we use the electric mixer. Love my kenwood.

  94. Oh wow, what a great comp! That baking sheet looks grouse. And I love your kids’ clever decorating :) Sweet.

    I really don’t cook/bake nearly often enough with my daughter, she loves it so much. The one-on-one time is so enriching for both of us… When we do bake, it’s usually cupcakes. Something she can easily decorate. You’ve inspired me! Going to go make some easy bake bikkies with her right now! Thank you for the reminder about how much they love it.

  95. my kids and I love baking anything!! from the usual cupcakes and cakes to elaborate (in the kids eyes!) birthday cakes decorated with love and imagination to baking our old crayon bits to make new rainbow crayons or even our salt dough creations!! We just love baking!!

  96. My son and I recently discovered the joy of making our own pizzas. Who would have thought it was so easy and my son(3 hrs) loves to rub the. Utter into the flour, need the dough and most especially roll out the bases. Toppings are really just the final excitement – everything needs olives!! Love to let him loose with that orange rolling pin!

  97. What a great looking kit.

    Today Miss 4, Mr 2 and I cooked muffins for the first time. They worked out well and the kids are currently eating them.
    Miss 4 is allergic to eggs and dairy so it is always good to add a successful recipe to our ‘safe and tasty’ collection.

  98. I have a miss 9 and a miss 11 and they LOVE to bake! Our most favourite would have to be cupcakes. Who doesn’t enjoy licking the beaters and bowl after all that hard work. Other favourites include good old fashioned jam drop biscuits, sultana/cornflake cookies and Anzac bikkies too. Desert recipies of apple crumbles, bread and butter puddings and trifles have also been created. Now if I can just get the girls to help peel those veges!! Somehow baking is way more fun :-)

  99. I have recently found your website and love having a read.
    I am a Family Day Care Educator and include cooking within my program.
    One of our favourites (that most children love) is making playdough as you do not always have to eat what you create.
    We also love healthy muesli slice, honey joys, fruit pops, pizza circles,biscuits, fried rice, bruschetta (made with tomatoes and basil we grew) and lately whoopie cakes!

    Being an educator i always try to cook healthy and balanced food (with the occassional unhealthy) with the children in my care but can be tricky due to the allergies and conditions some of the children have.

    We are always after new and great recipes to use and then to share with all of the other carers within my scheme.

    Some carers find it difficult and nerve wrecking to cook with children in their care due to all of the precautions and hazards we need to indentify and also ensure saftey and hygeiene. So it would be great to receive a kit to share with others or as a “cooking box” that can be borrowed by carers within the scheme to make it easier for them and a fun stress free experience for all.

    It is amazing how many children actually have never cooked within their own home or with family and their first experience can be when they are in care.

    I know my parents thank me beacuse they cannot be bothered and cant believe i cook with so many children at once and they dont with just one, and to me that is really sad. So to have the experience with them is a beautiful memory.

  100. Oh wow what a fantastic kit!! =)

    My girls (5 & 3) love helping me with biscuits… eating the dough and decorating mainly! The end results always look rather interesting but they’re always delicious and ‘sprinkled with love’ as they say! Master 1 likes to watch and lick a beater!

  101. We love to bake, but often run out of mixture before we get it into any baking tin…. after the mixing and mess, then licking fingers, spoons, beaters and bowls… there isn’t much left to bake, Hehehe. When Miss 2 yrs, Mr 4 yrs and I do cook together we make choc chip biscuits, cupcakes and usually a date loaf for Grandad. I love this Baking pack, especially the colourful rolling pins. Cooking is so much fun with kids and the learning that takes place is priceless, so too are the messy faces at the end.

  102. Goodness, my kids love anything that involves licking the beaters, the spoon and the bowl. They don’t really care too much what it is, so long as it’s sweet, sticky and can be iced. LOL

  103. OMG – sorry for errors, my son is 3 years old, not hours. He loves to rub the butter not utter and we definitely knead the dough – not need, though we often need the finished product!! :)

  104. We are so going to do some baking this weekend! thanks! Think my 3 1/2 year old will love this!

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