Family Getaway

Where do you and your family go when you really need to get away from it all?  For us it’s the rainforest.  When I’m there my heart rate slows down, my brain stops buzzing quite so loudly, and feel like I can breathe. We have just returned from a wonderful week away at Springbrook.  Here’s what a fun but refreshing family holiday looks like for us.

Bushwalking together (Miss 4 walked 4.6km on her own!)

Early morning bird watching with Mummy.

Photographing AWESOME bird life.

(This is a male Golden Whistler pachycephala pectoralis)

Exploring caves.

Climbing trees.

Discovering new creatures.

(This is a Land Mullet we found while bushwalking)

Venturing behind waterfalls.

Making new friends (Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary)


Capturing rainbows.


What’s your idea of a great family holiday?

What do you and the kids enjoy doing together?

Any other rainforest-loving, bird-watching, rainbow-chasing families out there??

12 thoughts on “Family Getaway

  1. nice, I’d love my kids to walk that far, think I need to start with some small walks to get them adjusted.

    they’re into fun runs at the moment so I run to the end of the street and back with them. Tom, he’s got it going on, liv she gets puffed by the end of the street and needs to walk back! At least they’re enthusiastic.

  2. Looks like a wonderful family holiday! We also love to spend time outdoors in nature when we travel. Our favorite place to go is to our family cabin in Yosemite National Park. It’s so peaceful – the one place on the planet where all the chaos of life stops. I am always sad to leave!

  3. Gorgeous photos Cath. For us a family holiday means going to the beach. It doesn’t even have to be summer. Walking/running on the sand, building sandcastles, exploring rock pools. I find the sound of the waves peaceful.

  4. So peaceful Cath. I’m so glad you had a lovely time away. Springbrook is a wonderful place isn’t it. We were there just yesterday for a day trip. For us a holiday at Bryon Bay is perfect with its beaches, walks, gorgeous shops…….

  5. Your getaway looks fabulous. We are pretty early on in the stages of creating our family so we have really only had one “getaway” and that was to Noosa. It was an overnight stay and I was surprised at how recharged and wonderful we felt just after one day. Sometimes the escape is all you need.

  6. I’m very late to respond to this post, but Cath..absolutely, we haven’t been on a bushwalk holiday as such, but every now and then we do a little day family bushwalk at places like Mt Nebo, Mt Glorious or up to the Glasshouse Mountains, since our youngest is only 22 months old. This looks like heaven. My husband is doing a 21km walk by himself tomorrow starting at Binna Burra, so I am expecting some great piccies!

  7. sounds like a great holiday! and I love the pictures! We love to holiday at the beach! I love the beach!! So do the kids! So its such an enjoyable relaxing experience to just go there and enjoy it all

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