Lions and Tigers and Tea – oh my!

There are lots of gorgeous teasets available for little girls, but ones that are gender-neutral, or suitable for boys, are quite hard to find.  I don’t want my son to think that kitchen things are just for girls!  Mr 2 loves to make “cups of coffee” for visitors (or for his Dad) and this wooden set is perfect for him.

This week I helped him to take his “cup of coffee” play a step further, and set up a little table in his room.  The R-O-A-R sign was already on his bedroom wall so seemed the logical place for lions and tigers to catch up for coffee!  I must say the Big Cats were very well mannered. They even blew on their coffee to cool it down.

We might follow up this play with a trip to the library to see if we can find the classic 60’s picture book “The Tiger Who Came To Tea” as well.  It seems rather appropriate, don’t you think? (For another post related to this picture book, jump over to Childhood101).

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7 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Tea – oh my!

  1. I think all children should have a tea set and I agree that this is a great alternative for a toy which predominantly seems to come in pink! I love his table too, where did you find that?

    Thank you for the link back xx

  2. I have the same issue with my son. His Nana gave him a kitchen but the tea set that came with it was poor quality and has already broken. Everything in the stores is pink! Wood is a fantastic long lasting alternative.

    I’ll second that love for the your son’s table. Love the colours and it’s oh so cute.

  3. Glad you could find a gender neutral tea set!

    Tea parties are currently Emma’s flavour of the month so she is having a tea party for her 4th birthday! I am going to go to op shops to get some cup and saucers for the little girls, and hopefully some mugs for the little boys she has invited!

  4. Thanks Cath, I’ll be on the lookout for something like that. My son is happy to play with the pink and “girly” teaset at the moment (at 18 months of age), but I’m sure that won’t last!

  5. I just love the little table. It completely collapses down into three separate pieces, so stores flat when not in use. The top can be used on the green side or orange. I picked it up from the MTA clearance place for a bargain price. About $20 I think!!

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