Hi-5 Happy House Review

The latest release from Hi-5 has hit the shelves for January, and thanks to my friends at Roadshow I have THREE copies to give away to SquiggleMum readers. The album is full of boppy songs, bright colours, great costumes and lots of dancing.  The title track, Happy House makes for a catchy opening, and my kids have been singing this one around the house.


My favourite track though is Backyard Adventurers. We do a fair bit of backyard adventuring here at our house!  I appreciate songs that encourage kids to get outside. It would be great to see this with footage of kids (or the Hi-5 Team) actually in a backyard and out of the studio!  I’m still not fussed on a lot of the dialogue. I’d love to see the Hi-5 team move to more natural sounding language, and speak “to” the children rather than “at” them.  Still, the album is enjoyable, and my own kids have had fun singing and dancing along with the colourful gang.

The Squiggle Report:

Like - Happy House, Backyard Adventurers, the girls’ shoes!!

Dislike - dialogue patronising at times

SquiggleKids rating: 4/5

SquiggleMum rating: 3/5

WIN a copy

To win a copy of Hi-5’s latest release leave a comment below sharing what makes your home a happy house!  Aussie residents only please. One entry per person.  Comp closes 6pm Qld time Sunday 30/1/11 and winners will be drawn at random.

I received a copy of Happy House compliments of Roadshow.


This competition has now closed.

Congrats to the random winners Jodie, Funkymunkees and Simone!

25 thoughts on “Hi-5 Happy House Review

  1. there are many things, but at the moment it’s definitely our chubba bubba. We all enjoying harrassing the poor little mit with loads of cuddles and kisses. Although for him some times it can be a little bit toooooo much.

  2. Enjoying the small things, lots of laughter and plenty of time just being together makes our home a happy happy monster monster house :) We love our house being somewhere our friends (big and little) love to visit.

  3. Oh so many things make a happy home – a book case with lots of books at bedtime or anytime , cooking a special treat with mum and eating it with Dad , hosing the garden with dad and then each other …a window to see if the stars are out !

  4. Our house is a happy house when we are all working towards a common goal whether that be something as mundane as getting the washing done to something as important as going to church as a family. When everyone contributes in their own way it really makes for happy times!

  5. Hmmm I think it is a real mix of loads of little things but i think most of all is prob taking the time to stop and listen and to allow personalities to show :) that and lots of music, loud laughter to much glitter and childish fun (especially from us) and big imaginations and adventures (even if it only in the back yard hehe)

  6. What makes us very happy is when we are all being silly and laugh so hard our sides hurt. I think these sorts of moments are very important.

  7. I try to make our days full of fun and laughter. Years to come my boys will remember most the fun and happy times we have had. Every afternoon we put some music on loud and all dance around in the loungeroom, we get out the music and bash away to the songs. Every day we get the dress ups out (I even have some mummy size ones) and enter the world of make believe.

    We are currently making a large papermache cave for our toyroom and I can’t wait for it to be finished and for our adventures to begin, I have a feeling it’s going to be a dragon cave as the boys recently got dragon costumes

  8. Happy house for us – when the girls come up with fun games to play all by themselves! And when we can do things together without fighting (that’s not me by the way, I mean the girls).

  9. A happy house is one with lots of kids everywhere playing constructively with each other without fighting.

  10. A happy house at our house at the moment = running around under the sprinkler at the end of a hot day. Miss 1 & Miss 3 just think it’s the best at the moment!

    (For the record, I agree with your rating, while my girls would probably agree with your childrens’ ratings!)

  11. Laughing and giggling at the simple things in life – funny facial expressions, scary noises, chasing each other around the house and playing with the dog.

  12. what makes our house a happy house is spending time playing and learning together, watching each other discover something new, from how to put on master 3s pants by himself to lil misses new words popping up daily, todays funny moment was lil miss 1’s discovering she can “fluff” lol her stating”ooh whats that?!” and then disolving into fits of giggles lol, climbing onto the trampoline togther and telling stories, playing games and trying to jump high enough to reach the sun, stars, moon , clouds, airoplanes, whatever takes their interest on the day, spending time together is what makes our house a happy house and we r all so greatful to have each other :)

  13. Our happy house is cuddling on the beds, followed by lots and lots of tickling on the beds. Wrestling with the dogs, both inside and out. Having friends over for play dates and bbq’s. Family outings every weekend to the park, beach, shops, extended family.

  14. Our house is happy when we wake up jumping on the beds. Have yummy food we all help to cook. Have lots of play time, with colourful toys, pencils, books, and teddies! We also like making big posters for the kids rooms, that the kids decorate – its their favourite activity. All Happy!

  15. Our house is always a happy house generally, escept for maybe witching hour! but what makes puts our house into super overdrive happy is when Daddy is home from work. We are all Daddy’s girls in this house!

  16. Our house is happy when our girls are obediant! ;) Of course, it is also happy because it is filled with laughter and love!

  17. Our house is a very happy house at the moment. We welcomed a beautiful little girl into our family 2 weeks ago. Caitlin was only 5 pound when she was born so she’s a bit on the tiny side. She has brought si much joy to Mummy & Daddy and big sister Grace. I’m sure Grace would love a copy of hi 5’s new dvd. She us a big fan already and was thrilled to see them at rhymes festival last week.

  18. Our house is happiest when we stop rushing… slow down, enjoy each other and work together, singing our way through the day :-)

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