Children's Drawings

Children’s drawings are

sometimes predictable

sometimes remarkable

sometimes lovable

sometimes laughable.

Drawings can reveal

what they think

what they feel

what they imagine

what they fear.

Drawings can reflect understanding of

little things

big things


and nothings.

For me, this drawing on a scrap of paper encompasses much of the above.

Can you guess what it is??

I’ll update the post tomorrow to give you the answer…

*   *   *   *   *

Update: 21/1/11

This drawing has been an excellent reminder to me that children often understand more than we give them credit for, and see things from a more advanced perspective than we expect.  The sophistication of this picture by my 4 year old took me by surprise.  The drawing is a radar map showing the current rainfall and approaching storm conditions according to the Bureau of Meteorology.  If you look closely you can see two flowery stickers.  The smaller blue flower on the left is the marker for our home, and the larger flower sticker on the right marks the city.  The yellow colouring indicates light rain (and flooding), the pale blue indicates heavier rain (and flooding), and the orange and black section is the area of severe flooding around the CBD.  The dark blue on the right is a storm cell approaching.  The black circles are showing that there is hail in the storm.  (There were no storms at the time, but approaching storms are the most common reason we check the radar).

On top of all that, this drawing is competely purposeful.  Why did my daughter draw it?  Because my Dad was staying with us.  He couldn’t get home due to landslides on the road, and he had to drive from our place into the city during the flood crisis.  Miss 4 gave the map to her Pa to make sure he would be safe on his drive into the CBD.

As a teacher I often found that purpose driven, child initiated communications were by far the most impressive pieces my students produced.  As a mother I am finding exactly the same thing.

23 thoughts on “Children's Drawings

  1. I think it’s a beach with a large octopus. Or maybe the South Bank beach with the floods approaching?

    Whatever it is, it’s marvellous!

  2. hmmm me and miss 4 are leaning towards something musical I thought something guitar like but miss 4 insists it looks like a saxaphone playing colourful music :) think thats sounds better then my guess lol

  3. I’d say a its a yellow bird eating something maybe a caterpillar or butterfly, and the red at the right of the page is either blood or guts LOL

  4. I’m sorry, but after many years of teaching I know never to ‘guess’ what a picture is or you insult their creative talents…. therefore I say…”My what a lovely picture, tell me about it”…
    signed “I don’t know”.

  5. Well I was wrong! lol But I can totally see it – especially the dark colours from the storms on the BOM radar.

    Lovely drawing Miss 4 – I’m sure your Pa found it very helpful :-)

  6. My oh my! one clever cookie you have there Cath. I bet Pa was just as chuffed as you to know she had checked the trip for him to ensure his safety. Priceless!

  7. That is impressive! I wonder how often we assume their scribbles are nothing when we really should be asking the question?

  8. this drawing is on my desk and is big talking point in the office.. it will be laminated and added to the family history collection


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