Bent Out Of Shape

It’s the first day of the new year.  Wow, 2011.  Today we have been packing away the tree and all the Christmasy things we’ve been using throughout December.

Every year I use an old recipe passed down through my husband’s family to bake Christmas bickies.  As I returned the  Christmas shaped cutters to the back of the baking drawer I noticed that some of them were bent out of shape.  I squeezed the sides of the metal carefully, pushing them back into place.  (Undoubtedly the result of the kids “helping” with the baking!)  As I fiddled with the heart shaped cutter, evening up the two sides and getting it to look right again, I couldn’t help but draw the obvious metaphor.

Did your heart get bent out of shape over Christmas, or during the past year?  What do you need to do to get it balanced up again at the start of this new year?  Do you need to forgive someone?  Let go of a hurt?  Or perhaps you just need to take some time to look after yourself?

I’m not big on new year’s resolutions, but I am big on a making fresh start each year.  If you ask me, getting your heart right is guaranteed to help you start the year afresh.

PS – I’m taking a little time off from the online world, but will be back with you all shortly! xx

5 thoughts on “Bent Out Of Shape

  1. I have to learn to say no to people and tell people when they are being toxic. I have one person in particular who is close to me, that I always feel anxious when I get a phone call or an email because it is either to hear them winge or to ask a favour. It stresses me out and makes me toxic then complaining to my husband. I just need to find a way to do this without damaging our relationship.

  2. You have such a beautiful way of putting words together that hit the right part of me. Thought provoking stuff. . . have a lovely online break and may your heart be renewed surrounded by love and your family.

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