Lost and Found

We had an unexpected visitor to our backyard in the form of a tame Budgerigar.  The poor thing was being swooped by our resident Noisy Miners and seemed unable to fly away.  We could see an identification band around its leg, so assumed it was someone’s pet.

Using a towel we carefully caught the bird without frightening it.  The only container we had to put the budgie in was the one we also used for the frog!  A little on the small side – but safer than staying in the yard.  Then of course, we had to decide what to do with it.

We printed some simple signs saying FOUND – YELLOW BUDGIE and a contact number.  Then we walked around our street and put the signs onto telephone poles and into letterboxes.  When we didn’t hear from anyone for 24hrs we took the bird down to our local vet.

There was so much learning involved in this whole process, and I was able to ask the kids questions like:

  • What kind of bird is it?
  • Do you think it’s wild, or someone’s pet?
  • Why do you think it can’t fly away?
  • Why shouldn’t we keep it?
  • How might the bird be feeling?
  • What might the bird need to be more comfortable?
  • How might the bird’s owner feel?
  • How far might the bird have come?
  • How could we find the owner?
  • What should we write on our sign?
  • What will we do if we can’t find the owner?
  • What do you think the budgie’s name might be?!

We hope our feathered friend has been reunited with its owner :-)

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