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It’s Ekka time of year here in Brisbane!  The “Ekka” is the annual show or exhibition held in the city with rides, showbags, animals, entertainment and fireworks.  One day, I’m sure we’ll take the kids to the Ekka, but for now we are content to take them instead to our local show held on the outskirts of the suburbs.  A smaller show has much to offer a young family, without the crowds, queues or expense of a larger show!

I don’t usually include lots of photos in the one post, but I thought you’d like to see some of what the Samford Show had to offer:

Pony Rides

This is the only entertainment we paid for.

We’ll avoid other rides for as long as possible!

Motorcycles and Vintage Cars

There are better pics of the cars, but thought you’d like to see the backdrop!

Vehicles aren’t my thing but SquiggleDad enjoyed showing the kids, and we all voted on our favourites.  Little Miss 4 took her job very seriously, and carefully wrote down her number (with help) on the voting slip!

Local Fire Service

Lots of local services such as fire and police were available on the day to teach kids about safety.  We enjoyed seeing inside the fire engine, and watching a demonstration of how fires behave in our local area.

Baby Animals

Although my kids are nature-lovers and very aware of animals, their experience of farms is limited.  They both enjoyed feeding and patting the baby farm animals.


My son would have been happy here all day.  I was so grateful that the blokes running this stand didn’t mind a little boy sitting on their tractors.  All of them.

Family Time

The show is held half way between where we live, and where my folks live, so the kids enjoyed the day even more by spending it with their grandparents too.

*  *  *

So what about you?  Do you go to the big show held in your capital city?  Do you opt for a smaller or rural show?  Or is neither available to your family?  And if you go, what does your family enjoy doing together?

17 thoughts on “The Local Show

  1. I perfer to take kids to a smaller version of the Ekka then the bigger one for 1 it’s cheaper & more friendlier, 2 Kids can go to the bigger Ekka with their friends when they become teenagers (Say 15+ years)
    .-= Motorbikes_Lady´s last blog ..Book Readers Room =-.

  2. I must admit I am a huge fan of the Ekka! I always loved it as a kid and we went every year. We have braved it once or twice with the kids would you believe when they were smaller but I wouldn’t dream about it now. At 4 & 6 they have loved the smaller shows and the last few years we have been to either Samford or Pine Rivers shows with just as much fun if not more as I don’t deal with a cranky husband through big crowds.
    .-= Fiona Preston´s last blog ..Great Grandma 92nd Birthday =-.

  3. We took Emma to the Ekka this year, she loved it. Luckily we don’t have to pay for her yet and she has no idea about show bags!! Daddy enjoyed taking her on a few kiddy rides (we found a much smaller, kid friendly version of Side Show alley on the other side of the road, near the animal nursery) We probably won’t go again until our new one is a bit older.

    Saying that though, I would also love to take her to the Redlands show as I agree these shows have a lot to offer at a much cheaper price for a young family.

  4. We do the same and take our kids to the Beaudesert Show in early September rather than the Ekka (we live on the southside of Brisbane)
    I must remember the Samford Show next year though, it looks great for a more hands on farm type experience.

  5. I absolutely love the ekka! Went every year of my life… Until I was pregnany with baby 3! Now we just cant afford going… with the kids! It gets expensive for 4 kids, plus mum & dad. Although, we were lucky and got free tickets this year, so hubby and I are heading in tomorrow…. WITH NO KIDS! Yay! We both got a day off work. It will be our first day together, with no kids in such a long long long time. I feel like a big kid in a lolly shop :)

  6. I too find the smaller shows less daunting. We went to the Boonah Show earlier in the year. I was shocked at how expensive the entry prices were (apparently I’m still living in the 90’s), but all round it was great to give our money to support the local community there.
    .-= Brooke´s last blog ..Keeping Up The Tradition =-.

  7. I prefer the local shows and fetes at this stage. Avoiding the August winds and sickness are a reason why we haven’t ventured to the Ekka yet! (Oh, and the cost of it!) The kids have just as much fun at the smaller shows and will probably enjoy the Ekka more when they’re older.

  8. My poor, deprived children (not really) didn’t get to go to the Ekka until last year when they were 9 & 11. We just aren’t in to it, it had been 18 years since I had been. Tegan was playing in 2 school bands at the Ekka this year so Tegan and I went for the day but we will go to Wet and Wild later in the year as a family. Previously we have done Dreamworld (using flybuys) rather than going to the Ekka.

  9. We have never taken our kids to the Ekka. Too expensive, too crowded, too many germs, too much hassle to get there …Miss 13 went for the first time last year with her aunt, uncle and cousin and had a whale of a time. I thought my sister and brother-in-law were very brave!!! We used to go to the Redlands Show each June, and the Strawberry Festival each September (both were held at the Cleveland showgrounds). These days they have amalgamated into the “Spring Festival” and yes, we usually end up going :-)
    .-= Janet´s last blog ..How to Host a Book Launch =-.

  10. yep the Nambour show lots of fun have a post in draft form somewhere was waiting for photos and time, Was back in July I will get around to it one day or maybe wait for next year : )

  11. I am trying to not let my kids discover the Ekka exisits! We’ll stick to small local shows and fetes too. They can go to the Ekka when they’re 15!

  12. Loved this post Cath – the photos were great! We love the Samford Show too – but didn’t get there this year! In fact I went in to labour with Toby (4 weeks early!) after walking around all afternoon there hehehehe!

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