In A New Light: Making of a Mumpreneur

Some of you will know that I am active in the Connect2Mums online community.  As the 2010 C2M Seminar and Awards Night approach, I was asked to write an article about my experience…


Isn’t it funny how sometimes others see you more clearly than you see yourself?

I was still calling myself a SAHM.  I still considered myself a teacher on extended maternity leave, and I thought I was comfortable with the box I put myself in.  But the truth was that I had already stepped out of it.  I was stretching my wings in a new way, and I wasn’t half bad at it.  It’s just that I was the last to know.

I went to the Connect2Mums 2009 Seminar to test the waters.  I was gaining momentum as a blogger and considering ways to take my writing further, but I wasn’t even sure if I could belong in the online business space.  As a teacher-turned-full-time-mother I was a little intimidated at first.  The other women at the seminar seemed to know infinitely more than I did about business!  Soon I came to see though that the collective strength of the group came from the individual strengths of each woman there.  All mothers, all from different backgrounds, all with something to offer.  I listened and learned as a range of women spoke on their areas of strength.  I asked lots of questions and took lots of notes.  Later that day I ran a workshop on blogging, and had the opportunity to share one of my areas of strength.  Other women asked me lots of questions and took lots of notes!   Finally I started to recognise that I had something to offer too.

My view of myself shifted a little that day, but the AusMumpreneur Awards dinner that night changed my view completely!  I wasn’t entirely sure what a mumpreneur was, and I certainly didn’t consider myself one.  Yet sure enough, there was my name on the trophy.  Catherine Oehlman. Top AusMumpreneur Award Winner 2009.  I am not a woman who is often lost for words!

Since the seminar and the awards last year things have changed in my world.  Winning the top award raised my profile considerably in the online parenting space, resulting in stronger readership and increased attention from the media and PR companies.  My following in social media spaces continues to grow as well.  I have received mentoring through the C2U business network and it has been a privilege to be an ambassador for the C2M community, speak at events and write a column online.  I have to admit it’s been kind of a buzz to be on the front cover of a mini-mag too!

Thanks to Connect2Mums I now see myself in a completely new light.  My background in education and my choice to stay home full time with my kids contribute to who I am but do not solely define what I am.  I have a whole range of skills and strengths that are helping me to carve out this new career path.  I am a wife and mother, an educator, a writer, a blogger, a social media advocate, a speaker, a reviewer and more.  I am learning all the time about what it means to be in business online and I’m crazy-busy, but happy.

I think I can finally say it:  I am a mumpreneur.

19 thoughts on “In A New Light: Making of a Mumpreneur

  1. Wow…well said…Somehow when someone sees and picks that special gift (that each and everyone has in some way or another), one seems to wake up to reality ……I have seen some amzing results when one acknowledges someone’s special gift..
    This happenned in my personal life!

  2. Congratulations! Thats a great story – we all as Mum’s and Mumprenuer;s have so much to give to the world – how come we are always the last to know!!!

  3. Congratulations – I’m so happy for you :) And a cover girl too none-the-less! I would have loved to hear you talk about blogging. Perhaps sometime you could share a little of the talk you gave. As someone brand new to blogging I’d love to hear your story. And those launch into blogging tips on your poster in the photo look interesting – I’d love to hear more of that too!
    .-= jenny´s last blog for raising resilient children part 1 =-.

  4. As a relative newcomer to your blog, Im constantly inspired by your honesty and enthusiasm for everything and everyone –
    have a happy day :)

  5. I always knew you were fantastically brilliant, but it’s wonderful to see you shine in yet another way! Go for it, sis!

  6. It is so wonderful to know that within each of us there is always something more, something we may not have even known was there. Through your celebration of your own life you have become an inspiration to the lives of others.

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things that make you, you and that help us be all we can be.

    .-= Claudette´s last blog ..A bad case of ‘Bloggy Hiatus’ =-.

  7. You have just inspired me to get off my bum and become more active … I don’t mean physically active, I mean more active in my thoughts, actions and attitude towards my life in general at the moment! Thank you

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