Monthly Archives: September 2011

8 Reasons Octonauts are Awesome (Win!)

To say the Octonauts have captured my kids’ imaginations is an understatement, and I don’t think my children are alone!  I’ve overheard mums talking about the program, and kids role playing their favourite characters.  The Octonauts follows a team of adventure heroes who dive into action whenever there is trouble under the sea.  In a fleet of aquatic vehicles they rescue amazing sea creatures, explore incredible new underwater worlds and often save the day before returning safely to their home base, the Octopod. Continue reading

Outdoor Chalk Boards

An outdoor chalkboard is another project I have had on my to-do list for a while. I love the idea of children having lots of writing and drawing opportunities outdoors.  I often find that writing naturally flows outside without the pressure of a classroom environment or the constraints of A4 paper.  Chalk is inviting too, because of its non-permanent nature and its accessibility for little hands. (In fact, Mr 2 drew his first “people” pictures on the chalk board! See bottom left picture.) Continue reading

A Good Wrap Giveaway

I’m sure I am not alone in grumbling through the daily chore of packing lunch boxes!  Usually I pack sandwiches, fresh fruit, crackers, dried fruit and a muesli bar.  To cut down the amount of plastic ziploc bags and clingwrap which end up in the rubbish, I instead use small containers, and these fantastic reusable bags from A Good Wrap. (They also make the whole task a little more fun). Continue reading