Monthly Archives: March 2011

Floor Train Play

Many of my friends with little boys have amazing train tables, and I’ve often been just a little envious!  We don’t have the space for one, so I’ve been on the lookout for a trundle train-tray which can be pushed under my son’s bed.  The only ones I’ve seen have been just too expensive – so the search continues. Continue reading

Doing It Their Way

My son surprises me constantly because he thinks so differently to me. When I asked him to sweep up the cornflakes he spilled on the floor recently, he ran off to his toybox to find a truck.  Just as I was about to rouse on him for going to play instead of cleaning the mess – I realised what he was doing.  Continue reading

Blemished Children

This week I did something I thought I would never do: I sent my young daughter to school with makeup on!  It was class photo day, and she had an absolute shiner of a black eye.  It was every shade of green and yellow and black and blue you can imagine! The bruising (as a result of playing around in the loungeroom and bumping into a cupboard corner) was still visible.  I just took the edge off with a bit of pressed powder. Continue reading

Backyard Lifecycles

We {heart} our nature cubby.  Not only does the leafy roof provide shade for the dirt kitchen, but it also provides a home for many garden creatures.  The plant is a Monkey Rope Vine (Parsonsia straminea).  Monkey Rope is common around Brisbane, and it is an interesting (and fast growing) vine thanks to its adventitious roots.  These are roots which come out of the branches and stems of a plant.  Monkey Rope is also one of the host plants of the Common Australian Crow (Euploea core) butterfly. Continue reading