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My kids are huge fans of Justine Clarke, and I am a big supporter of her work as an Australian children’s entertainer.  I’ve met her backstage, interviewed her, reviewed and given away her albums and dvds… and now I am delighted to be able to give away tickets to her Little Day Out Tour! I have TWO double-passes for a couple of lucky SquiggleMum readers.

In order to win a pair of tickets, simply share your favourite Justine song!  Do you your kids have a favourite?  I couldn’t pick between my top 3 songs:

  • Mrs Knife and Mr Fork – One of my early faves.  For a children’s song, the lyrics are just sublime.  Justine rocks a fifties vibe in the film clip, and there’s lots of cool percussion played on cutlery.
  • Song to Make You Smile – This song really does make me smile, and I sing it to the kids to make them smile too.  It has such a sweet melodic introduction, with a catchy chorus and positive message.
  • My Shadow and Me – I loved this jazz number the first time I heard it, and I never tire of it.  Justine and her team really do set the standard when it comes to creating musically sophisticated, yet age appropriate for our kids.

So over to you. Do you agree with my choices, or have a different favourite? Leave a comment sharing your favourite Justine Clarke song and you could win a double pass to the nearest venue (Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane)!

One entry per person please, and you must be able to get to either the Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane show.  Two winners will be chosen at random.  Competition closes 8pm Qld time, Sunday 7/8/11.

Justine would love you to visit her facebook page, or stop by her website for updates and info.

This competition is closed. Congratulations to the two winners: Super Sarah and Penny Whitehouse!

Winners have been notified by email.

46 thoughts on “Top Songs by Justine Clarke

  1. I LOVE Song to Make You Smile also… it really does make me smile.

    My kids LOVE Dinosaur Roar and my 2 year old does the dance to I Can Tickle Myself.

    I have to agree, she rocks the 50’s in a big way!

  2. My girls and I love “I Like to sing” and boy oh boy do they LOVEEEEEEE TO SING! Loudly, off key sometimes and more often than not totally made up anywhere and everywhere they love to sing! We’d love to see her in Brisbane!

  3. My boys love Justine Clarke and all her songs especially Dinosaur Roar and her I like to Sing DVD.

    PS what exactly is a double pass …one adult and one child ? Does it mean we can buy an extra ?

  4. my kids love “Dancing chicken”! I love the production of the first dvd- obviously more on a budget but I think the most authentic:)

  5. great giveaway!!!
    We LOVE Justine, and have many favorite songs. Dinosaur Roar and Great Big World are probably at the top.

  6. In our home, we love Justine’s song ‘Watermelon.’ My three daughters range in age from 7 to 1, but they all dance along when they hear it. Justine is great! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!

  7. Michaela likes all of Justine’s songs but favourites would have to be “Happy Dog” and “Climbing up the Rainbow”. One of my own favourites would have to be “Song to Make you Smile”

  8. I think someone in this house may be dancing to Song to Make You Smile in their dance concert later this year, but “Off to the Library” from the first cd is certainly the most sung song as we sing it nearly every library visit!

  9. we love the song Why Does the Baby Cry?? It’s just so funny because everytime it came on usually on ABC our bub was crying lol… That was our introduction to Justine as we’re newish parents, LOVED her songs and ran out and bought one of her Cd/DVD albums. Totally love all her songs, her style and voice – great for kids of all ages including mums and dads!!!

  10. We can not get past “Watermelon, Watermelon” – it is a classic and my three boys love it!!!

  11. Our favourite has to be Watermelon! Justine is the one children’s entertainer that my girls and I both agree on for car listening music! Her songs are so catchy and clever and we all love to sing along!

  12. We love Justine & have every CD & DVD..

    We have so many favourites, but ‘Climbing up the Rainbow’ and ‘Dinosaur Roar’ are the winners with my 2 kids..

  13. our favourites are “Climbing Up the Rainbow” (miss 3 corrects me when i sing it wrong) and “happy dog”. However, “scoot on my scooter” is quickly becoming a fave too

  14. Tyson and I both love Song to Make You Smile!
    The first time I heard that song I was having a horrible day kids were crying and i was about to! then that song came on and I just LOVED it! Its such a feel good song and as soon as Tyson listens to it he picks up and dances and just loves it!

    Justine Clarke is amazing!

  15. My kids and I love all of Justine’s songs. I love the way it is kept so simple yet so delightful!
    We also love mrs knife and mr fork!

  16. We love the song ‘Watermelon’ – probably because as a family we eat so much of the stuff. Justine’s CDs are a well worn favourite in our family!

  17. Hard to pick but Watermelon is probably sung the most, especially with silly words or our names inserted with things that we love about said person. Personally ‘Song that Make you Smile” is my fav.

  18. My children like the ‘It’s my birthday today’ song from the “I like to sing’ album. All three of my children try to remember to play this CD on the actual day of their birthday so that the song can be true for them.

  19. My very fav is an oldie.

    The dancing chicken.

    But my new fav is Little Day Out, we listen to it every day, actually the whole album. I like it because it suits all kids, my 5 year old is not into wiggles etc, so Justine is perfect.

  20. Our favourite is Gum Tree Family – without fail whenever we put it on, my girls sing it and I have to try and “guess” which animal it refers to before they sing the answer!

  21. I/we love the whole “I like to sing” I have it on my Iphone and my 2 yo son watches it over and over everyday. Justine is the only thing that will settle him. He would just die to see her in real life. My son has learnt so much fromm her, how to hop, how to make a dancing face. she is also helping him talk. I would love to meet her and show her my gratitude. She has done amazing things for my son.

  22. My favourite is ‘song that makes you smile’ but my boys love ‘dancing face’. We put this on it the car when we are trying to keep the boys awake if they are falling asleep when we are nearly home.

  23. I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too. My girls and I love singing this one in the car and we’ll throw in the odd extra ‘rainbooooooooooooooooow’ for fun ;) Love Justine Clarke, she’s fantastic.

  24. I like to sing…la la la la la! Once I hear that song (our favourite!) it can take a full week for it to leave my head! I love the different actions it prompts. Always helps to shift a bad mood!

  25. I pretty much only get to listen to “Doin’ It (Making The Garden Grow)”, My kids cry out for “Bumble beeeeeeee” every time we are in the car and we have to play it over and over and over and over again. I quite like “Dinosaur Roar” and do a very enthusiastic rendition in the driver’s seat. My kids just look at me like i am crazy though and say, “Can you please play Bumble bee again mummy?”

  26. I love “I Like To Sing”. At a REALLY young age Brian heard it while we were shopping in Big W. He sung it for days and was so catchy I was singing it too. I was so very glad when I finally figured out who was singing it and we could then listen to the song in it’s entirety. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. In our house it would be “Watermelon” and “I like to sing”, perhaps some of her older songs, but still goodies. We also love “It’s my birthday today, I’m older then yesterday”, something different to sing on your birthday.

    We saw a new one today with ghosts and things in it, but I didn’t catch the name… it had Mrs knife and Mr fork at the end… it was pretty groovy too.

  28. Watermelon, everytime we pass it the song pops up. It really could be used to advertise that yummo fruit.

  29. Definately the chicken song off I like to sing, but i heard the baby crying song on tv the other day and I thought it was beautiful too.

  30. Watermelon is our favorite song. I am caught singing all the time. In the car and at work because my daughter just love watching her DVDs all the time. I probably sing other songs but Watermelon is the best.

  31. Oh we all LoVe Justine <3 Our fav's are..
    Climbing up the rainbow, My shadow & Me,Dinosaur Roar & the list goes on & on.. They even know when Justine sings theme songs from Zigby or the new Playschool theme.."that's Justine singing" says Mr Riley (4) & now Miss Amelie (2)says it too! They always run to the music box to get their instruments too <3
    Can't wait for the concert!!! See you there Justine :)

  32. Ahhhhhh!!! You should have seen me jumping around like a lemur monkey when I read my email. Thank you, Thank you Thank you! I’m am stoked but I’m sure my three year old will be even more excited when she wakes up from her afternoon nap (I’m suprised she didn’t wake up after my little squeal of delight). You made my day, ahem, forget get that, you made my month!

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