Suggest A Soap Combo – and WIN!

Congratulations to Mel who was chosen as the winner of this comp by Pure and Natural Aroma Beauty!  Here’s a pic of her suggested Mumma-Bubba pack all made up and ready to go.  Don’t forget that Aroma Beauty will happily send a gorgeous gift pack like this straight to a mum-to-be for you.  At only $22.95 I think it’s a perfect gift for a baby shower or new mama!  You can buy one here (or if you just want some soap for yourself, grab the 3 soaps for $20 pack on the same page…)

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to put together a giveaway for mums with bubs.  So I’m teaming up with Pure and Natural Aroma Beauty from far north Queensland.  Aroma Beauty sent me some of their all natural handmade soaps to try – and I love them!

As they say on their site, “Why spoil a natural product with artificial ingredients?”  All of the soaps are chemical free, and free from artificial fragrance.  Packed with natural goodness, they smell absolutely divine and lather beautifully too.  And there are so many gorgeous soaps to choose from!  This is just a sample, but you can click here or on the image below to find out more…

(Geisha Girl – Calming Calendula – Nature’s Garden – Lavender and Mint)

I was delighted to find Aroma Beauty also make natural and gentle baby soaps.  I mentioned that a pack with soaps for both baby and mummy would make a great gift for new mothers and Aroma Beauty agreed… but they would like YOUR help to design the pack!  (You’ll notice on the site their Mumma-Bubba Gift Pack is “coming soon”.)

So what would you put into a Mumma-Bubba gift pack?  Jump over to Aroma Beauty then come back here with your ideas.  Leave your suggestion as a comment below, and one lucky SquiggleMum reader will WIN THEIR GIFT PACK!  Aroma Beauty will choose the best Mumma-Bubba gift pack combo. (Aussie residents only, one entry per person, winner drawn 6pm Sunday 2 May 2010.)

I think my suggestion would be a Busy Bees face washer, So Pure baby bar, Island Dream Soap (with cocoa butter for stretch marks) and Lavender Goat’s Milk Soap (to help the new mumma de-stress and SLEEP) in a gift box!  But hey – it’s not up to me.  What would YOU suggest?

PS – If you want to send a Mumma-Bubba pack to a new mum as a gift, Aroma Beauty will post it directly to them on your behalf!  I think it’s probably half the price of sending a bunch of flowers and twice as useful.  I would have LOVED to receive a package like this post birth, wouldn’t you?!

29 thoughts on “Suggest A Soap Combo – and WIN!

  1. For bub – Avocado and Goats Milk soap and Busy Bees Face Washer. For mum – Bubble and Squeak soap to help her start the day and lift her mood(after being up all night with a baby!) and Lavendar Goats Milk soap to unwind at the end of the day (also could use to help baby sleep). I’d also add a bar of Touch of Heaven because it sounds great!

    If they had a bigger pack I’d add some body butter and lip balm to help mum feel special!

  2. For baby:
    – So pure goat’s milk baby bar
    – Lavender goat’s milk soap
    – Busy bee face washer

    For mum:
    – Lemongrass & black pepper soap (to help wake you up after no sleep!)
    – Geisha girl soap (for calming)
    – Romance sop (to get you in the mood for making baby a brother or sister ;))

    …and the gold gift box to put it all in :)

  3. How lovely it would be to recieve one of these packs for Mum & Baby.

    For Baby:
    – So Pure Goats’s Milk Baby Bar
    – Busy Bee’s Face Cloth

    For Mum:
    – Sunshine Exfoliating Bar (everybody needs a bit of sunshine in their day!)
    – Touch of Heaven
    – Whipped Body Butter

    and have it beautifully presented in a gift box.

  4. Having just had a baby I would have loved to receive:

    Luscious Lip Balm
    Clearly Natural
    So Pure Goats Milk Baby Bar
    Bunny’s Face Cloth
    Shower Puff

    This would also make a great gift for a baby shower.

  5. A Mumma and bubba gift pack

    * A slice of heaven cake of soap – pure indulgence for the body…we all need a bit of heaven
    * A little dessert – cheesecake or cup cakes ( Take a soak with a sweet treat)
    * Whipped butter – a creamy all over pamper, spread it on thick
    * lip balm ( lip-i- licious, so delicious)

    * Busy bees face washer for your little honey
    * Baby so pure goats milk soap (A- ma- ma – zing)

    All wrapped up ready to go… all packs look great
    .-= Heart and Soul´s last blog ..Launching ‘Nzuri Beads’ – Translated in swahili Nzuri means beautiful. =-.

  6. For Mum lip balm because everything feels better with lip balm. Lime and coconut soap because the sounds of it takes me to the April Sun.Shower puff because who doesn’t need more of these.
    For the wee one,Busy bee face washer because new washers for newby’s new skin.
    So pure goats milk soap to soothe bub to dreamland.

  7. I might be pushing the friendship but it all look so nice so this is what I would put together for a special mum needing some TLC-

    luscious lip balm
    body butter
    1 shower puff
    calming calendula soap
    nature’s garden

  8. Tough choice….
    So pure baby bar
    bee face cloth for bubby
    I was soo dry skinned after my kids so
    Whipped body butter
    luscious lip balm
    avocado and goats milk soap to finish it all off.
    Presented in a nice box :)

  9. I love soap! It’s an affordable luxury that can take your senses to a haven. I’ve heard about the benefits of goat’s milk so that would HAVE to be on the list. Maybe something like this:

    FACE CLOTH – Busy Bee’s


    GIFT BOX – Red

    Ahhhh, I can almost smell it!
    .-= Kelly Be A Fun Mum´s last blog ..BE QUIET! =-.

  10. Ooh, this is what I would love to receive when I have my baby in a few weeks time!

    For Bubba:
    **Busy Bee face cloth

    **So Pure Goats Milk Baby Bar
    for that luscious pure newbie skin

    For Mumma:
    **Juice Bar
    my skin certainly needs some rejuvenation after pregnancy!

    **Bubble and Squeak
    uplifting, anti depressant & bright & cheery – for days when being a mummy is just overwhelming

    **luscious lip balm
    to remind myself & hubby how bubba got here in the first place ;)

    **whipped body butter
    to remind me to take a bit longer each day to nourish me

    **cheesecake soap
    for Mum to remember to indulge & treat herself occasionally!

    Ideally wrapped in a purple gift box – so mumma feels like royalty when she receives it!

  11. My pack would be called “Naughty and Nice”, all the naughty things for mumma, and all the nice things for bubba:

    Naughty mumma: she can savour the smell of chocolates and cakes without the kilos
    – Choc Mint Slice Soap
    – Calypso Cake

    Nice bubba: things to keep baby clean and fresh
    – So Pure Baby Bar
    – Busy Bee face cloth

  12. For my little one I’d choose the So Pure GoatMilk baby bar (especially useful for her eczema-prone skin) with the Bunny’s facecloth. For mum on Mother’s Day two pink heart soaps and a lip balm for dry lips in those early days after baby is born – all in a hot pink gift box.

  13. They are all so beautiful,

    but I ersonally would pick
    the CALMING CALENDULA & the LAVENDER GOAT’S MILK for a calm soothing effect…and perhaps one of the lovely face washers….

  14. The key ingredients for the ultimate soap would have to include:
    – a nanny / housecleaner
    – a glass of wine
    – a sunny day
    – a hug from my husband
    – laughter and kisses from my kids

    Please let me know when you have a prototype available and I will a life time’s supply!

  15. “So Pure Baby Bar” with lavender to relax baby and help them sleep, with Bubble & Squeak with citrus extracts to keep Mum alert.

  16. For Mum:
    *Avocado & goats milk soap
    *Whipped body butter
    * Luscious Lip balm

    I chose an unscented soap so that it would compete with the fragrance of the body butter.

    For Bubby:
    *So pure goats milk baby bar
    *Bunny face cloth

    Such a hard choice as all the products are so beautiful!

  17. For baby – So Pure Goat’s Milk Baby Bar with the Bunny’s face cloth. pure softness for baby

    For Mum – Lavender goats milk soap with a shower puff. calmness for mum

  18. My pack would be all about bath time. My quick, hot showers have always been an essential start to my day, a little bit of time to get prepared for the day ahead. I also love the evening ritual of bathing my little ones. I would include Island Dream and Lime and coconut for mum, to evoke memories of an island holiday – an escape when it all gets a little too much. A Goat’s Milk Baby Bar and So Pure Baby Bar for baby, because all Mum’s want to give their bubs the best. This would look beautiful sitting on a bunny facecloth just for bub, with a pink shower puff for mum in a hot pink box.

  19. Baby:
    FACE CLOTH – Busy Bee’s


  20. I’d put

    For baby
    Lavender goat’s milk soap
    Bunny face cloth
    So Pure Baby Bar

    For mum
    Luscious Lip balm
    Choc Mint Slice Soap
    Shower puff

    FACE CLOTH – Busy Bee’s
    WHIPPED BODY BUTTER – All Natural Moisturiser
    GIFT BOX – Gold

  22. For Mummy
    Lime & Coconut Soap
    Soap Puff

    For Bubs
    Calming Calendula Soap
    Busy Bee Face Cloth

    and for the ‘forgotten parent’ who is just as worn out as mum
    Lemongrass & Black Pepper soap as a bonus for daddy ;)

    All packed together in the turquoise gift box :)

  23. For bubby:
    So Pure- just like bubby’s skin.
    Clearly Natural- to help ward off the dreaded nappy rash.

    For Daddy:
    Lemongrass and Black Pepper to help him on his way to work!

    For Mummy:
    Bubble and Squeak to help start a new day.

    For both:
    Romance will help fuel the love again!

    Presented in a red box to help Mum feel vibrant again!

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