Organic Bubs Giveaway!

Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who entered this comp, and congratulations to the three winning mums.  It’s been lovely to see how many readers I have from all over Australia!  The random winners who will be receiving a delicious delivery of food from Organic Bubs are:

  • Beck from Brisbane who has an almost-three-year-old and a 7mth old
  • Super Sarah from Sydney whose girls are 3 and 6mths
  • Nell from Melbourne who has a 12wk old bubba and a 4 year old as well

Psst… If you missed out, Organic Bubs currently have an online survey asking parents their opinion on baby food.  Everyone who completes the survey receives a free home delivery voucher plus the chance to win one of TEN prize packs of meals worth $50.


You have noooo idea how completely delighted I was to have a package delivered to my door from Organic Bubs.  My husband had been away on business all week, and these little Pots for Tots and Tubs for Bubs seemed like manna from heaven to me!


Most of the time I make my own food for the whole family.  I freeze mashed veggies for baby food and prepare toddler friendly meals.  As often as possible I make a meal that we can all share together.  But there are plenty of times when I have reached for a jar of baby food.  Sometimes I grab a jar because we’re eating away from home, sometimes because we’re having a meal that requires teeth, and sometimes just because… I’m not supermum!

Those jars do the job, but they are not even in the same league as the gorgeous meals my munchkins got to try this week.  The food from Organic Bubs is in a class of its own.  It looks appetising (with peas that are still green – not brown), smells delicious, and tastes great!  Yes, I did try it.  To be honest the meals are remarkably similar to something you would lovingly cook in your own kitchen.  And of course they are 100% organic, allergy friendly and are free from numbers and nasties.  It’s no wonder they have already won a stack of awards.

But don’t take my word for it.  My three year old can speak for herself.  Mostly.

The generous team at Organic Bubs are giving away 3 different meal packs valued at $50 each (including a cooler bag & organic cotton bib PLUS home delivery)!! To enter just leave a comment sharing where in Australia you are raising your munchkins, and how old they are.  We’re in Brisbane and my kids are 3 and 13 months.  For extra entries head over to Organic Bubs and either sign up for their Bubs Club/Newsletter, or follow them on Twitter.  Do both for two extra entries if you like (please leave separate comments for extra entries).  The comp is open to Aussie residents and the winners will be selected at 6pm Qld time Friday 13th November.

60 thoughts on “Organic Bubs Giveaway!

  1. We live in Mudgee, NSW and my kids are 3 and 13 months. What a coincidence!

    What a beatiful litte star in your family.

    Speaking of stars, my kids enjoyed watermelon stars for lunch. simply slice the watermelon and press in a cookie cutter, great summer treat.

  2. ohh puuhlleeasse?? I’m always super hungry and have hollow legs. I run everywhere; if you give them to me.. I have just learnt to say “you welcome peasthe!!”


    Mstr T ( 2 and a little bit)

  3. Hi, I love reading your blog! My little monkeys are Miss almost 3 and Miss 7 months. We are in Brisbane too!

  4. Just followed them on Twitter. I am in Canberra, ACT and have a beautiful 11 month old named William.

    I love the Organic Bubs range and have bought a few tubs when I am out-and-about and don’t have enough supplies at home.

  5. Hi, We live in Blackwood, VIC and my little ones are Emma 5, Abigail 3 and Daniel 1.

    Abigail loved your clip she wanted to hear it again, again, again.

  6. We are Sydney based and my girls are 3yrs4mnths and 6mnths. I LOVE, LOVE the idea of some quick go-to meals that are not only healthy but also organic and number free!

  7. We’re in Brisbane, I have a 3 yr old boy and a 8 months old girl. Your daughter is just like my son – very chatty.

  8. Hey lovely Squigglemum

    We are in Brisbane and have a gorgeous 8 year old, a sparkly 4 year old and delicious 19 month old twins.

    I would love some organic food to feed the hungry hordes. esp. on those days when it gets to about 4pm, and there is a sudden sinking feeling…opps, that’s right…dinner…mmmmm. aaarghh (why is a surprise every night, I never cease to wonder!!)


  9. lovely… not enough of this around :)

    Darling Boy (2 1/2 going on 28 sometimes) – Melbourne
    sorry email wrong last time!

  10. I’m from Perth WA, is that too far away?

    I wasn’t going to enter as my boys are almost 8 and almost 4 but then I remembered the day care children I look after!! I have 7 of them and they range in age from 20 mths to 3 and a half!
    .-= Narelle Nettelbeck´s last blog ..Review ~ Lucy Ann Moll =-.

  11. I’ve only just discovered your blog thanks to my cousin sending me a link – not much time to myself these days with children 8, 7, 4, 3 & 13months. Two of them have allergies which makes finding the occassional convenience or treat meal difficult. These meals could be the answer. I haven’t seen them yet here in Tamworth.

  12. I’m raising my little munchkin in Brisbane, and he is 8 months old. I make my own baby food as much as I can, but when travelling (which we seem to be doing a lot of lately) a can or two are always very handy!

  13. I’m in Canberra with my 2 and a half year old daughter (the half is very important) and a 9 month old son.

  14. yummm- looks tasty,

    We’re in Perth, and Mr 2 is just starting to get fussy after LOVING food, while Miss 11 months is still on the ‘food? LOVE IT! In me, on me- what’s the difference!’ phase :)

  15. Oh wow I just discovered your Blog searching for Organic Bubs & now I can win some for free! My baby looooves this stuff. But be warned mums, once you introduce them to it they won’t eat your own food anymore (well if you are as terrible in the kitchen as me).
    My baby is 9mths & I live in Sydney.

  16. I live on the Central Coast NSW with my 3 children (3, 7 and 9). We actually already use and love Organic Bubs food.

  17. My kids live on Organic Bubs. Not sure what I would do without them. Count me in for the comp, would love some freebies ~ Thanks Cath! I have 6mth old twins & live in Melbourne.

  18. I live in Melbourne and LOVE organic bubs for my littlies! I have a 9mnth old and three year old. Always have a stockpile in the cupboard of the delicious tubs for bubs! Keep up the good work Organic Bubs xx

  19. Oh yes, I just tried their new superfoods ones in the purple box. Even got a free bib at Bondi Coles for buying 3 tubs. Never have to resort to the horrible jar again! I live in Sydney with one adorable 9 month old who is loving real food

  20. yum yum yum…we love fresh food, and we LOVE Organic Bubs!!! We live in the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, and our “organic bub” is 19 months old.

  21. I didn’t know Organic Bubs was for toddlers too? I buy the purees in the little purple box off the shelf (so much better than jar food!). I live just outside of Perth and have an 11 month old girl called Jemma.

  22. Wow! This sounds (and looks) to good to be true. If my kids ate healthy food like this I will give anything a try! I am in Newcastle and have a 1yr old & 3yr old. I am following Organic Bubs on Twitter and their Bubs Club

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