Hello 2010 (+ Giveaway!)

rainforest1Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Mrs Kan who is the random winner of the 2010 Who Does What When family diary.  I hope that you enjoy the diary Mrs K, but more so… I hope that for all my readers your hopes for this year come to fruition.  I couldn’t help but think about what a great bunch of people you all are as I read through your answers.  May you be seriously blessed in 2010.  Cath. xx

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Hello 2010!  I know, I’m a couple of weeks late with this, but I really REALLY enjoyed having the computer off and taking some time away from the online world for a bit.  Ok, so truth be told I spent the first week fighting the urge to “check in” with things, but the second week I got so much done!  I took care of a few overdue renovating projects, uncovered my desk from beneath a mountain of stuff, donated a heap of clothes to charity, and watched movies.  As a family we even managed a trip to the rainforest – my favourite thing to do.  We identified birds by song and sight, and played with the camera to get great waterfall shots.  I didn’t realise how much I needed the break until I was two thirds of the way through it!

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So, now that I’m refreshed and ready to go again, what better way to start the year than with a giveaway? I don’t know about you, but there are lots of changes in store for our little family this year as our eldest starts kindy.  After four full years of being at home together, this year is going to mean new routines and require new levels of organisation for the kids and I.  (People often assume I am a much more organised person than I actually am…)


I love this simple planner called Who Does What When? Designed to help you “untangle your life” it’s the kind of diary you leave open by the phone for the whole family.  It has five columns so that you can keep track of each member of the family, or you could even use a column for meal planning!  I especially like the to-do lists and free note taking space on each page which mean you can keep everything for the week together.

To win yourself a copy of Who Does What When? leave a comment below sharing what your hopes are for your family in 2010.  I’m not big on resolutions, but I do think the new year is a great time to look at your life and assess whether things are going the way you’d hoped.  What are you hoping for in twenty ten…?

I’m hoping we get into a good morning routine for kindy days!  Oh, and I’m hoping we get our back deck done too.  You??

Comp is open to Aussies only, and the random winner will be drawn this Friday 16th January, 6pm Qld time.  I love my regular readers so if you’re a subscriber by email or in a reader (RSS) leave a second comment for a second entry.


34 thoughts on “Hello 2010 (+ Giveaway!)

  1. My hope for 2010 to have a year without drama, without tears and with a whole lot of laughter and great memories

  2. I hope for my family to continue to be happy and healthy in 2010. To enjoy each other and grow. COntinue to work hard on my business yet not compromise on family time :)

  3. My aim for 2010 is to spend more time enjoying what I have in my life and less time focusing on what I don’t have. Looking forward to an exciting new challenge in my work life too!

  4. I’m hoping things go smoothly in my last year of uni (doing honours), looking for a house and getting married!!! I think I may have taken on too much…ooops!

    Nice to have you “plugged” in again!!

  5. I’m hoping to work out what I want to do about work! I am currently working 4 days but miss Emma. My perfect balance was when i worked 3 days, but in my current job there is more pressure to work 5 days so there is no way I can work 3 :( I am hoping to either work out a better alternative or find a new job that suits our family better in 2010.

  6. Hi Squigglemum!

    I would LOVE the planner/diary. We are planning big changes this year for our daily routine, so we can get everything done that needs to be done each day! (v. important when homeschooling)(…and not so great in 2009!)

    Love your blog!

  7. Welcome back!!

    I hope that we can trust what God has planned for us- whether it “feels good” or not. I hope our kids and great health and i hope our house brings blessing to others.

  8. To connect more with my sons and have fun.
    To celebrate 20 years of being married.
    To embrace a new beginning on the farm and travel via a roadtrip.

    I know we in Australia are so lucky and blessed beyond what words could ever describe. I think gratefulness will be our theme this year.

    Things aren’t always easy in our house but we are given strength by the grace of God to see it through.
    .-= trish´s last blog ..Weekly Winners 1 2010 =-.

  9. Be present; i want to be more present with everyone, and deepen relationships. Practice switching from tasks to people more quickly, i think that bit of my brain has got sluggish…or maybe it was never very fit to begin with!

    I want a deck…have to settle for a bathroom this year ;-)

  10. Hey we are endevouring to live simpler this year….my youngest is at full -time school this year so my time is changing completely. (Hey we are right in the middle of doing our deck…help!)

  11. Hey Cath
    Well I am not huge on resolutions either as mainly they don’t really get resolved! Mine anyway, lol! We have a big year last year and will be again this year! Moving house still, had a baby last year and trying again this year, I hope that more then anything we are safe and spend time together not just talking about window screens and lawns! lol! My friends are my family to and I hope that my dear friend who had a very rough year last year has a smooth one this year

  12. My hopes are for us all to be happy, no sad times like last year – i’d love for my business to grow, my kids to be healthy and for love to shine :)

    Great comp – Looove the diary!

  13. I hope 2010 for my family involves:

    A safe and healthy arrival of our third baby (to come up with a name would be great too)

    My daughter settling into kinder and overcoming her own health obstacles

    Quality time together as a family

    That is truly all I need to keep a smile on my face!


  14. My hopes for 2010 is just to be happy and enjoy ourselves. Looking forward to watching my baby girl grow and learn. And also looking forward to hopefully adding to our little family later in the year. :)

  15. I hope I can be blessed with a child this year, to add to my family of husband, homestay student and dogs. Especially after losing both my parents in the last 3 years and being married over 10 years.

    Good health would be fantastic and hope I can be encouraging and supportive to others as well.

  16. My aim for 2010 is to find the ‘sweet spots’ of life!

    In my faith, my marriage, with my son and in my friendships! My aim is for these areas to grow and strengthen and to be things of beauty, not effort

  17. I know it’s too late to enter the comp (i didn’t get a chance to enter sooner) but i’m still going to write what my hopes are for my family in 2010.

    My family has been struggling for a long time and i’m hoping that this year we will get it together and have a chance to enjoy our family and life. I’d like 2010 to be the year that we get organised and on top of things and resolve our conflicts…. so that we can enjoy 2010 :)

    Bron :)

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