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Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the Owl are fast becoming household names in Australia.  The hosts of ABC Kids have just released their first album –  Beak Bopping Tunes.  To celebrate the release, I had the opportunity to interview James Rees (aka Jimmy Giggle)…

Cath - Congratulations on your success as the host of ABC For Kids.  Other television stations have had hosts for children’s programs for some time. Were you intimidated by the challenge of taking on this role as the face of ABC Kids?

James - I would say more nervous than intimidated however I was greeted with the loveliest bunch of people who made me feel so comfortable and still do to this day. I couldn’t really ask for a better experience at the ABC.

Cath - Is it true that you didn’t have any television experience before landing the role as Jimmy Giggle? How did you get the gig?!

James - Yes that is true. I was involved in theatre and drama throughout my schooling and television was a pipe dream of mine. After spotting an ad in the paper for an audition for new kids presenters on the ABC I sent away a video and a few months later found myself filming the first episode. Crazy!

Cath - My kids really enjoy the songs “My Best Friend” and “Five Steps To Bed”.  Which song do you and Hoot most like performing together?

James - Well we have a number of new songs that have been released on our new CD and will appear on the show in the not so distant future. We both love the “Getting to Know You Song” and a favourite of mine is the new hip hop track on the CD called “Use Your Words”.

Cath - What do your mates think about Jimmy Giggle? Especially those PJs and slippers…

James - My friends think the Jimmy Giggle thing is pretty hilarious and they’ve taken it all on board and secretly really want a pair of PJ for themselves.

Cath - So what does the future hold for you?  There is already a “We love Jimmy Giggle (James Rees)” Facebook page for all your fans.  What’s next…?

James - Firstly, I have to personally thank all our fans. It’s very sweet to have people show their support for the show, whether it be on Facebook or via mail. In the future we hope to expand the show to keep it fresh, exciting and most of all fun. Personally, who knows what the future holds, that’s the exciting part.

Cath - As always with interviews I like to give my kids the chance to participate, so this is direct from my four year old:  “I know a lot about birds. What kind of owl is Hoot?  Mum said you are real but Hoot is a puppet.  Is it funny working with a puppet?”

James - Hoot says that he is a ‘little blue owl’ and he also said to make sure you are tucked up safe and warm in your bed every night as he flies on the night watch!

I received a copy of the CD compliments of my friends at Roadshow, and I have FIVE CD’s up for grabs for SquiggleMum readers.  Entry is easy – just leave a comment below.  Aussie residents only please.  One entry per person.  Five winners will be selected randomly. Comp closes Wed 17th Nov 6pm Qld time.

You can also buy copies at the ABC Shop Online for $14.95.

This competition has closed!

Congratulations to the randomly drawn winners (who have been notified by email):

  • #11 Jessie Persse
  • # 50 Kylie
  • #3 Danielle Wright
  • #60 Julie
  • #56 Candice

78 thoughts on “Giggle and Squiggle Giveaway

  1. Cath, this is such a lovely interview. My girls love Giggle and Hoot. even my 12 year old pretends to be helping by “watching” my 2 y.o, but its just an excuse to watch Giigle and Hoot. I think she has a crush on Jimmy Giggle :)

  2. We love Giggle and Hoot. “Hoot Hoot” was one of my sons first words. We think its fantastic when they sing together.. and Giggle and Hoot Goodnight hour is a definite favourite at the end of a busy day!

  3. Need to enter this one for sure, my kids run in to watch giggle n hoot then play while the shows are on. :/ The might have it the wrong way around but they are happy.

  4. How catchy is that “My Best Friend ” song? Even heard a couple of our MOPS mums singing it recently, without their kids around! Hehe.

  5. Oooh a Giggle and Hoot CD – how exciting! We love “My Best Friend” too and my boys are really getting in to having their own music at the moment.

  6. HAHA! My 5 year old and 3 year old daughters have been running around singing “My Best Friend” for weeks and I had no idea where it came from – until I saw the show yesterday. Too funny. My 2 year old son is a big fan of the show too! Great that you got an interview!

  7. Giggle and Hoot is much loved in my house! I only wish that when they sang the bedtime song she would actually go to bed – instead of staying up until 9pm!

    We’d love the CD for the super long driving trip (12 hours) to nana and poppies house at christmas time!

  8. Oh this was such a cute interview – made me giggle – Please tell me he was wearing his Jimmy Giggle clothes – I just can’t imagine him any other way :)

    We are big fans here, My 4 year old boy and his best friend are always singing the ‘my best friend’song to each other

  9. I think the ABC have done a wonderful job with the Giggle and Hoot program! My children love it, and I know they would love the CD too… :-)

  10. Great to read your interview. My daughter HAS TO watch the ABC goodnight hour but really only stays focused for the Giggle and Hoot segments.WE have just discovered their new website and LOVE them and all their songs.
    Jackie and Iyla

  11. You get to do some great interviews, Cath. My boys love the show and while my 9 year old tries to hide it, he knows the songs word for word. When the show is on it is sing-a-long time with all the boys in my house.
    .-= Jodie´s last blog ..About Us =-.

  12. Hi, we just finished having a conversation at my house about whether Hoot was real or not!! :-) We’re off to check out their website now!! :-)

  13. OMG I LOVE *ahem* WE LOVE Giggle and Hoot!!!! My 4 yr old has been watching alot of ABC2 just lately (having been unwell) and she loves them xxx Even made a very cool hoot mask just recently so sh ecould be just like hoot (and wanted to stay up very late hehehe)
    A friend has her own “5 step to out the front door” for her and her family (thing to do before leaving house) which we have also adopted and during Indiana’s hospital stay she even made up he own “5 steps to getting better” song based on the bed time song —was soooooo cute <3 <3 <3
    love good value TV!!!

  14. We love Giggle and Hoot too, especially the steps to bedtime song. Another CD to add to our music collection would be great!

  15. Hi Cath,
    Giggle and Hoot’s goodnight hour is dinner preparation time for me, the kids love it and so do I.
    Hoot is our favourite, but Jimmy is great too.
    “See you in the morning”.

  16. Gorgeous interview. All three of my children have created pictures to send to the Giggle gallery and were so delighted with the certificates i printed off for them from the ABC website.

  17. My son & I LOVE Giggle & Hoot… Its the only show he will just sit there and watch (great time for me to get dinner ready!!) … My mum keeps calling them “Google & Hootch” but seems to remember the songs :)

  18. AWWWWWW adorable… Giggle and hoot are part of the daily routine in our place and my 1 year old daughter loves it when mummy (and daddy who tries to hide his knowledge of all their songs) sing along with them…WE LOVE GIGGLE & HOOT XXX

  19. The “hoot” craze hit my family hard…I love that all the kids can watch this program and I dont have to worry about content as I KNOW it is appropriate!! And yes I wonder what family doesnt HAVE the last goodnights as …”see you in the morning”” Hoot Hoot :)

  20. All four of our kids just adore Giggle and Hoot, even our 9 month old gets excited when he hears the Giggle and Hoot song!!

  21. My osn has been a big giggle and hoot fan, for hi first birthday I made him a hoot cake… not so flash but was definitely a hit with the kids! I love that they are Australian and that my son has some good value entertainment so that I can get things done.

  22. Giggle and Hoot are a favourite in our house… just today we bought a Small Hoot Beanie Toy for a friends 2nd Birthday…. Bianca was very jealous!
    The cutest thing is when Bianca (30months) gives her little brother Cooper (15months) a cuddle and kiss and says your my best friend. :D

  23. Hi Cath, Great interview!!! My 29mth old boy Luciano started watching Giggle and Hoot about 6mths ago. Before this he had no interest in talking or singing. He now does both… Listening to him sing along with Jimmy Giggle and Hoot makes my heart swell.. Thanks ABC

  24. Miss four is addicted to pink clothes, wears little else, but the other day spotted hoot pjs at the ABC shop and has added them to her Santa wish list. Not sure what it is about that crazy owl, but she loves him.

  25. We love Giggle and Hoot at our place, my 4 yr old is toatally devoted to the show, and there is many tears when we cant watch, his favourite part is the songs, as is the same for my 13 month old, she starts wiggling and dancing and clapping as soon as the music starts, well done to all involved, a fantastic show, and Cath, thanks for the wonderful interview my son will be so happy when I read it to him in the morning!!! :)

  26. My two little girls love giggle n hoot. My 9 month old crawls ever so fast as soon as she hears the music come on. Great interview!!

  27. and as much as I don’t enjoy them.. my kids adore Jimmy Giggle and Hoot. What sort of a mummy would I be to deny them a chance to win this?
    hugs Annie

  28. My two kids watching your show. My youngest is 20 months and when she hears your song come on she is so excited and the oldest one he likes to sing The Five Steps to bed song and good interview. From Heidi.

  29. My almost 2 year old’s little legs run as fast as they can when Giggle and Hoot come on TV. She can hear them from the other side of the house! I love how Jimmy Giggle actually looks like he likes being there and doesn’t have that condescending approach that some kids presenters have. Hope they’re on TV for a long time to come.

  30. We love Giggle & Hoot too in our house. I didn’t know they were brining out a CD – I certainly like the sound of the “Use Your Words” song!

  31. What a lovely interview and James sounds like he is well grounded and very grateful for his big break. My daughter loves Giggle and Hoot and we both enjoy the Giggle Gallery the best. Well done.

  32. I heart Jimmy Giggle. Oh yeah and the kids like the show too lol

    Monster has a pair of pyjamas and Bubba has a t-shirt :D

    You forgot to mention the other FB page “Who has the hots for Jimmy Giggle?” Hello *waves* member here.
    .-= MuffinMonsterBB´s last blog ..Smack Mah Kids Up =-.

  33. I haven’t heard the CD yet but I’m sure the goodnight song is on it – just love it and so does my daughter!!

  34. we dont have a TV but we do have a CD player! I’m sure my 4 kids 6 & under would love to sing along to the songs! (ps I notice theres supposed to be only one entry per person but if you look closely someone’s is there twice)

  35. My son has loved Giggle & Hoot from when he was a little baby. He always got very excited when the show came on. I recently got him a Hoot beanie and he LOVES it. I was surprised at how much he has picked up and went and got Hoot when it dropped on the ground. The CD sounds great!

  36. Love reading all of the great comments. I didn’t realise Jimmy Giggle and Hoot were such a big part of other families day’s too. On my tough days I’m quite jealous of Jimmy (pj’s by 5pm, bed by 6pm!!). And recently my son said “best friends” to his Dad. We all know where he learnt that one!
    .-= Brooke´s last blog ..Thoughts on Halloween – An Aussie View =-.

  37. Seriously Cath! You have got to have one of the best jobs in the world!! :) We love Giggle and Hoot! What a great interview…I love the fact that he had never done TV…it just goes to show, dreams can come true!

  38. Thanks for the great interview. We Love! Giggle & Hoot here, especially 5 mins to bed & Hoots lullaby. They’re a great combination to the bedtime routine. :)

  39. We love 5 steps to bed also :) daddy works nights in our house and before he leaves for work he always says ‘see you in the morning!’ to my 19mth old son Joshua who always replys with ‘hoot hoot!!’

  40. Mummy loves Jimmy Giggle and the 3 kids love Hoot! I love that Giggle and Hoot are suitable for kids of all ages.. From 7months to 5years!

  41. Great interview Cath!!! Both my 3yo & 9 month old boys love Giggle & Hoot and the songs they sing. I find myself singing their little tunes coz they are so catchy (Shhh dont tell anyone lol)

  42. My daughter loves Giggle and Hoot – and her mummy love’s it too because it gives me some “jobs” time while my little one is entertained!!

  43. My three boys love giggle and hoot – recently we had a hoot birthday cake for my little ones first birthday!!

  44. I have a 2 year old here going crazy over the pictures of Giggle and Hoot and he has just started singing the goodnight song. I think I have the biggest fan ever.
    Jane: I made a hoot cake for my son’s birthday too :-)

  45. Great interview, love the question from your 4yr old! Giggle & Hoot are a hit with our 3 children. Whilst they can’t always watch them on TV, their favourite thing is to each draw a picture that they would send to the show! I have a quite a collection that I should post, but they like talking about them and remembering where they were when they did it etc. To win a CD would be amazing, and they could listen to it at home and on the many road trips they endure xx

  46. I love how they show so many of the artworks sent in by children. They clearly make a big effort to appreciate all the kids who send in their artwork.

  47. My son would be in heaven with this cd. He has only just started liking and listening to music due to his sensory overload and is always singing “Giggle and Hoot”

  48. My 11 mo just found the joys of giggle & hoot this week (or I did….distraction tactic)….cute & good to see a new Aussie kids show that is so well done:)

  49. We LOVE Giggle & Hoot in our house!!! My nearly 4yr old especially loves when her favourite characters people visit Giggle & Hoot. An excellent concept from the ABC and get segue into the different shows. Oh and a wonderful interview too!!! Thanks heaps!

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