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I’m sure I am not alone in grumbling through the daily chore of packing lunch boxes!  Usually I pack sandwiches, fresh fruit, crackers, dried fruit and a muesli bar.  To cut down the amount of plastic ziploc bags and clingwrap which end up in the rubbish, I instead use small containers, and these fantastic reusable bags from A Good Wrap. (They also make the whole task a little more fun).

A Good Wrap products are made up of a 100% cotton exterior, and food safe zip lock nylon which can be easily wiped out.  They can also be washed in the sink with the daily dishes, or thrown into the washing machine.  Sandwiches and rolls stay fresh in the wraps, while the small snack bags and medium snack bags are perfect for all the other bits that go into your child’s lunchbox.  The wraps and bags are secured with velcro.

Tiki Walsh, the Aussie mum-of-three behind A Good Wrap says, “We believe that locally produced food should be also wrapped in locally produced bags and wraps. It’s better for our children and better for the environment.” What a great philosophy.  Love it.  Oh, and check out the fundraising ideas as well.  I’m sure some schools and kindergartens would LOVE to have lunch wraps in their school colours or fabric!

Thanks to Tiki, I have two prize packs valued at $36 each to give away.  Each pack contains a small snack bag, medium snack bag and sandwich wrap in a mix of fabrics. To enter, leave a comment below sharing a healthy lunchbox idea your child happily eats!  And if you could jump over and “like” A Good Wrap’s facebook page that would be great too.

Usual rules: one entry per person, Aussie residents only, comp closes Sat 10/9/11 8pm Qld time.

Disclaimer: I received two wraps, medium snack bags and small bags for my own kids free of charge for review purposes, and the usual administration fee applied.


This comp has now closed.

Congratulations Alyra and Petrina!

43 thoughts on “A Good Wrap Giveaway

  1. My little 8 month old boy doesn’t go to school yet!! However his favourite thing in his lunch bag when we are out and about is cucumber sticks!!

    I’m also looking forward to making healthy muesli bars for him when he does go to school!

  2. Daughter number two loves carrot sticks, and occasionally (when we’re in a rush) the whole carrot suffices. There’s something about that crisp, crunchy sound of biting into a carrot that she loves.Both the girls also love roll-ups (wraps) filled with salad and sometimes ham…or on those running late or disorganised days, it will be vegemite and cheese!

  3. Amy is not that adventurous when it comes to her lunchbox so finding healthy snacks to fill it with can be a challenge when she is happiest with a jam sandwich! She does love carrot sticks and dried fruit so thats something!

  4. Miss 2 loves carrot and cucumber sticks. She also loves to snack on shredded cheese and sultana’s. Great giveaway. I would love to stop using all that glad wrap and plastic bags.

  5. Home made muffins, not entirely healthy but you can add less sugar fruit and you know what’s in them. Unfortunately, although quite reasonably, our school has a no nut policy – this excludes so many healthy snacks my kids would love. Hard to beat a plain old carrot – mine will happily eat them unpeeled, unchopped – as is. We have this style lunch box(bag) and they’re great – easy to open/wash/don’t break – would be awesome to have the little ones for snacks and sandwiches.

  6. At least once a week we all have a ‘snack plate’ lunch box – a selection of our favourite ‘party food’. We choose three or four items – bite sized pieces of cheese (colby is our fave), carrot, crackers, grapes, cashews, cherry tomatoes, snow peas etc. and sometimes (if we’re lucky) we put a small container with some dip in too – just to make it more fun :)

  7. My 2 year old currently loves rice crackers. I use a tiny Tupperware container for them as the portion is super small, he can hold the container and eat, and he can Aldo open the lid himself.
    His other favorite is freeze dried apple – which I also put in a reusable container that he can manage himself.
    I’m all for reusable food receptacles as there is enough waste without adding to it unnecessarily.

  8. My kids are fussy but if i make their fruit fun they eat it, whether it be oranges cut into stars or slinky apples they actually eat them which is great

  9. I so need to start thinking about getting organised for the idea of school lunches for next year! My number one lunchbox tip would be, whatever it is your child likes to eat keep the serving small – kids want to go and play with their friends so it is much better to have small servings of easy to eat items than too much food that takes too long to eat :)

  10. My daughter loves to have vegetables in her lunch especially if they are cut into thin ‘chips’. These lunch wraps look fantastic.

  11. He loves cucumber in his ham sandwiches. Like many here, he’s a big fan of carrot sticks too – I often pop in a mini cream cheese tub to dip them in. Sultanas and dried apricot always disappear. Whole Kids organic fruit bars go down well as a special treat, as does some home made popcorn.

  12. My 4yo very rarely comes home with anything left in her lunch box which is great as it is all healthy. She loves her ‘mixed dried fruit’ which is like a trail mix but without the nuts. She also loves celery and carrot sticks.

  13. Hard boiled eggs! Shells removed if I want 2yo to be quick and tidy, or shells on if I’m prepared to sacrifice a little mess for a few minutes concentrated effort!

  14. What a fantastic idea! My girls (2 & 3) are very fussy eaters – they love to have plain rice or pasta as a ‘treat’ at home. I’m lucky enough not to have to pack lunches yet as they have all food provided at their daycare, but this has definitely got me thinking about it for when I do have to!

  15. We love mini chicpea patties and golf ball sized thai chicken balls. The trail mix/dried fruit, vege sticks & dip and cheese squares never make it home!

  16. We love pikelets/pancakes with just 4 ingredients – wholemeal flour, egg, milk and instead of sugar I put in pureed apple – sweet, tasty and so much healthier!

  17. I buy large containers of vaalia vanilla yoghurt which we put into small washable containers. To this I can add all kinds of things like honey or a few sprinkles or no-sugar strawberry jam or toasted museli or fruit. It’s yummy on it’s own too.

  18. Homemade hummus and carrot sticks. They will eat the store-bought dip, bu much prefer the homemade stuff and it’s so easy too. I just don’t let them watch me make it ;) The other thing they LOVE are ‘chick nuts’ (as we call them), or roasted chick peas which you can buy at your local supermarket. Those plus some sultanas make a quick, filling snack for little fingers.

  19. my 6yo daughter and 4yo son love taking home grown green beans that they pick themselves from our veggie patch. Would be perfect to pop inside a snack bag!

  20. Miss 13 loves carrot sticks. Usually has some sort of fruit, today it’s strawberries.
    They both like plain popcorn or whole eggs. Will also have homemade savoury muffins or homemade bread (wholemeal damper basically).
    Miss 13 likes using no plastic bags etc and currently has a multi-compartment lunch box but still would be good to have bags to separate some of the foods.

  21. My little boys are pretty keen on cherry tomatoes as a snack lately – really easy to prepare!!!
    Love the look of the little snack bags!

  22. Well, I don’t live in Australia, but I do love the idea of this wrap. I’ve been wanting to cut down on plastic, but didn’t have any ideas for the ubiquitous sandwich/snack/fruit bags.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  23. I’m very lucky that (at the moment) my daughter happily eats everything- so I haven’t yet needed to get creative with food. When we’re planning a day out and a lunch box is required she particularly enjoys mushrooms, snowpeas, cucumber sticks to dip into her hummus.

  24. I have taken inspiration from the Japanese Bento Box lunchbox styles. My 2yr old son loves when i arrange his mandarins in flower shapes or use cookie cutters to cut his sandwiches and cheese slices. One of the main ideas behind my Bento box lunches is to have everything neatly arranged, cut to even sizes and to include at least 5 different coloured foods – this makes the lunch look appetising and attractive, as well as nutritious!

  25. we are off to prep next year so this is a great idea. I did find some patterns online to sew some, but as most mummas would know, its a great idea, but the time somehow never can be found. I’ve been very aware lately of the amount of waste we produce, and even the awareness of the one use plastic bag for fruit in the supermarket. our son very happily munches on pretty much whatever I send him to kindy with, but he really really likes cucumber sticks.

  26. If we sit down to the table to eat and my son has something different on his plate than me then he wont eat it. So my tip is to eat healthy yourself! He’s trained me well!

    Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve wanted to try out these kind of snack bags for a long time.

  27. These lunch bags are exactly what I have been looking for, checking them out asap. My son’s prep teacher has asked parents not to use any cling wrap or plastic bags in their children’slunch box, and I am finding it hard to fit four or five individual containers in his bag everyday. I recently discovered that most tortillas/wrap breads have nasty preservatives in them like 282, so I have started to make my own by rolling out regular bread with a rolling pin, then spreading with fillings. My son loves these, and his favourite filling is tuna and cheese. :)Sam

  28. Hi, My son told me (with a smile) “Mum you need to go beyond the sandwich” now he has a salad with chicken or pastrami and sometimes sushi if I can get up early enough to make it.

  29. my almost miss 2 enjoys homemade rusks and strawberries to dip in her yoghurt :) also sushi with just avocado in the middle is great!

  30. One of my boys loves any leftovers from dinner the night before (particularly pasta type dishes!), I just put in a container with a small icebrick & he’ll happily it most things cold. But my other son prefers the traditional sandwich or wrap. Lately they’re loving dried banana chips, sultana’s & goji berries too! Carrots & cucumber are a regular in there lunch boxes too.

  31. My kids are NUTS about nuts! We change it around – pistachios, macadamias, almonds, whatever is on special at the supermarket, and they really enjoy eating them.

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