The word “home” has been on my mind a lot these past few weeks. What is home?

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Home is a roof overhead. At least in the short term, “home” for us in Sydney is a rental house. To be honest I feel unsettled living in a rented property. The house is lovely, and I am so grateful for it, but making it feel like it’s ours is challenging. No repainting feature walls, or hanging pictures where ever I like, and certainly no demolition of any kind! What I can do though is surround us with familiarity. I can put familiar faces on the fridge, I can put familiar cushions on the couch, and I can bake familiar things in the oven. (Actually, I haven’t quite worked out my oven here yet…)

Home is where ever we’re together. Cliched, I know. It’s funny how true it is though when you relocate a family. There are things I miss about Brisbane, but I’m not “homesick” because we’re here together. At the end of the day, it’s the togetherness that matters most. And the things that I do miss aren’t things anyway – they are people. I have wonderful friends in Brissy, and around the world, who will still be my friends no matter how far apart we are. A big move gives you a real perspective shift. 

Home is eternal. As a Christian, I also believe I have a forever-home in heaven and I need to remind myself that nothing here on earth is permanent. As I wrestle with the question of what home is, the unsettled feeling in my soul is probably good for me. My eyes should be fixed on something far greater than a nice house and a nice life. 

So what is home for you? Home is… 


PS – while I’m on the topic of home, you might notice that my blog-home has been given a makeover too! It’s a cleaner, simpler design that is mobile friendly. Hope you like. Cath x


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. This is a good time in your life to experience what a lot of people live with every day. With no hope of owning their own home, they make every house they live in a home because their loved ones are there. I know you felt secure in your house but you can feel just as secure in a rental house. It’s just a different feeling. As long as love is there, it doesn’t matter where you are living. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love you all <3

  2. My home’s a little quieter today…There’s one loud, contagious, joyful giggle missing. My ‘Baby’ left for Sydney yesterday and I miss her dreadfully…in fact, there has been flooding in Ferny Hills overnight!! So for me ‘home’ is a place where memories spring out from every nook and cranny to prick my tender heart…but it’s also a safe haven where my daughter knows she will always be welcomed back and showered with unconditional love, laughter and licks (from her puppy, Mr Bigglesworth)!

  3. Oh Janette – my heart goes out to you today. Thinking of my little ones leaving the nest seems like a lifetime away yet, though I’m sure for you it seems only yesterday she was little too…

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