8 Reasons Octonauts are Awesome (Win!)

To say the Octonauts have captured my kids’ imaginations is an understatement, and I don’t think my children are alone!  I’ve overheard mums talking about the program, and kids role playing their favourite characters.  The Octonauts follows a team of adventure heroes who dive into action whenever there is trouble under the sea.  In a fleet of aquatic vehicles they rescue amazing sea creatures, explore incredible new underwater worlds and often save the day before returning safely to their home base, the Octopod. Continue reading

Giggle-icious Giveaway

Giggle and Hoot continue to go from strength to strength as the lovable co-hosts of ABC4Kids.  I’ve had the opportunity both to interview Jimmy Giggle (James Rees) and meet him backstage.  He really does deserve the attention he receives from kids across the country.  Late last year I watched him give the same genuine grin and hug to the 367th child waiting in line as he did for the first child in line.  He obviously loves what he does.

The latest offering from Giggle and Hoot is a DVD compilation of giggle-icious music.  Sing-along to new Giggle and Hoot songs and enjoy well known tunes like Hoot’s Lullaby.  On the DVD, Giggle and Hoot also present episodes or songs from some of my ABC favourites.  There’s a fantastic Playschool episode on Making Music, a Wiggle and Learn episode called ‘Beach, Beach, Sandy Beach,’ songs from Justine Clarke, The Wiggles and more!  It’s a great compilation DVD for weekends, school holidays or rainy afternoons with toddlers!

You can pick up a copy in ABC Stores or online for $19.99 or enter below to win one of FOUR copies!  To enter, simply leave a comment sharing something that makes your child giggle! (Aussie residents only, one entry per person, comp closes 6pm Sunday 8th May, 4 winners chosen at random.)

* I received a copy of Giggle-icious Music courtesy of Roadshow.

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Music for Children to Dance

Do your children like to dance? Mine do.  This morning we twirled and whirled in tutus together – yes, I put one on too.  My daughter asked for “dancing music” so I flicked through the CD collection until I settled on one.

I didn’t choose The Wiggles, even though Dorothy rather considers herself a dino-ballerina.

I didn’t choose Justine Clarke, even though she’s hands down my favourite children’s entertainer.

I didn’t choose a Playschool album, or a Jimmy Giggle album, or any other children’s album.

So what DID I choose? Continue reading

Hi-5 Happy House Review

The latest release from Hi-5 has hit the shelves for January, and thanks to my friends at Roadshow I have THREE copies to give away to SquiggleMum readers. The album is full of boppy songs, bright colours, great costumes and lots of dancing.  The title track, Happy House makes for a catchy opening, and my kids have been singing this one around the house.


My favourite track though is Backyard Adventurers. We do a fair bit of backyard adventuring here at our house!  I appreciate songs that encourage kids to get outside. It would be great to see this with footage of kids (or the Hi-5 Team) actually in a backyard and out of the studio!  I’m still not fussed on a lot of the dialogue. I’d love to see the Hi-5 team move to more natural sounding language, and speak “to” the children rather than “at” them.  Still, the album is enjoyable, and my own kids have had fun singing and dancing along with the colourful gang.

The Squiggle Report:

Like - Happy House, Backyard Adventurers, the girls’ shoes!!

Dislike - dialogue patronising at times

SquiggleKids rating: 4/5

SquiggleMum rating: 3/5

WIN a copy

To win a copy of Hi-5’s latest release leave a comment below sharing what makes your home a happy house!  Aussie residents only please. One entry per person.  Comp closes 6pm Qld time Sunday 30/1/11 and winners will be drawn at random.

I received a copy of Happy House compliments of Roadshow.


This competition has now closed.

Congrats to the random winners Jodie, Funkymunkees and Simone!