I Know The Plan

(image: The Old Post Road etsy store)

Jeremiah 29:11 is a well known and much loved Bible verse, and it’s been on my heart this week.  You see, all of my plans have gone out the window, and God’s plan has fallen into place in a remarkable way.

When things go right, some people say that “the planets have aligned.”

Others say things are an “amazing coincidence”

I say it’s God. Continue reading

Routine Charts for Easy Starts

The start of the day can be harrowing, especially if you have kids of different ages who need to get to different places!  The only way I know of getting everyone out of the door on time and with everything they need, is to establish good routines and stick to them.  Routine charts can be incredibly helpful for a child’s growing independence.  Young kids who can manage a few steps independently in the morning, become kids who are responsible for their own school materials, and then become teens who are capable of managing their own timetables.

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Beach Faith

During the Christmas break our little family enjoyed a week away at Coffs Harbour.  The kids and I particularly enjoyed the time we spent on the beach together (while SquiggleDad was sleeping in!)  We collected shells and pebbles, built sandcastles, explored the rocks, watched birds, and chased waves.  I grabbed a “teachable moment” to spontaneously talk to the kids about God too… Continue reading

Introducing: Growing in God

I’m so excited to introduce you to a new project for this year: Growing in God.

For quite some time now I have wanted to post more about my life as a Christian mum.  Over the last few years I have been writing more for Christian women’s publications such as Footprints Magazine, Mum2Mum Magazine, MOPS Australia’s blog, as well as editing Better Mum Magazine – but I have shared less about my faith here on my own blog. Continue reading

Water Play

Did you grow up with sprinklers in the back yard?  I have fond memories of spending hot summer days running and jumping through the spray with my sister.  I remember those long green tube-like sprinklers, and the groovy ones that could spin around. I even remember being allowed to run through the sprinklers on the school oval when temperatures reached over 35 deg C.  And then of course there was slip’n’slideContinue reading