Dear Jimmy Giggle

Dear Jimmy Giggle,

We loved meeting up with you when you came to visit Brisbane!!  Thank you for spending some time with us before the signing, and for welcoming us so warmly.

We’re glad you liked the Christmas card we made for you and Hoot. Thanks for taking the time to let us know on facebook (ABC for Kids – for Parents page) that Hoot enjoyed our special Christmas bird seed mix too!

We liked playing with you and seeing your funny button shoes.  (“Jimmy Shoos”?!!)  You made us laugh!  Is that why you are called Jimmy Giggle?

There was a very, very big line of kids and mums (and a few dads) waiting to see you.  We know that you stayed for a l-o-n-g time so that no one missed out.  You must really like kids, which is cool – because kids really like you.

We hope you and Hoot have a very happy Christmas!!  See you on ABC Kids

Love from SquiggleMum and Kids.

Giggle and Squiggle Giveaway

Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the Owl are fast becoming household names in Australia.  The hosts of ABC Kids have just released their first album –  Beak Bopping Tunes.  To celebrate the release, I had the opportunity to interview James Rees (aka Jimmy Giggle)…

Cath - Congratulations on your success as the host of ABC For Kids.  Other television stations have had hosts for children’s programs for some time. Were you intimidated by the challenge of taking on this role as the face of ABC Kids?

James - I would say more nervous than intimidated however I was greeted with the loveliest bunch of people who made me feel so comfortable and still do to this day. I couldn’t really ask for a better experience at the ABC.

Cath - Is it true that you didn’t have any television experience before landing the role as Jimmy Giggle? How did you get the gig?!

James - Yes that is true. I was involved in theatre and drama throughout my schooling and television was a pipe dream of mine. After spotting an ad in the paper for an audition for new kids presenters on the ABC I sent away a video and a few months later found myself filming the first episode. Crazy!

Cath - My kids really enjoy the songs “My Best Friend” and “Five Steps To Bed”.  Which song do you and Hoot most like performing together?

James - Well we have a number of new songs that have been released on our new CD and will appear on the show in the not so distant future. We both love the “Getting to Know You Song” and a favourite of mine is the new hip hop track on the CD called “Use Your Words”.

Cath - What do your mates think about Jimmy Giggle? Especially those PJs and slippers…

James - My friends think the Jimmy Giggle thing is pretty hilarious and they’ve taken it all on board and secretly really want a pair of PJ for themselves.

Cath - So what does the future hold for you?  There is already a “We love Jimmy Giggle (James Rees)” Facebook page for all your fans.  What’s next…?

James - Firstly, I have to personally thank all our fans. It’s very sweet to have people show their support for the show, whether it be on Facebook or via mail. In the future we hope to expand the show to keep it fresh, exciting and most of all fun. Personally, who knows what the future holds, that’s the exciting part.

Cath - As always with interviews I like to give my kids the chance to participate, so this is direct from my four year old:  “I know a lot about birds. What kind of owl is Hoot?  Mum said you are real but Hoot is a puppet.  Is it funny working with a puppet?”

James - Hoot says that he is a ‘little blue owl’ and he also said to make sure you are tucked up safe and warm in your bed every night as he flies on the night watch!

I received a copy of the CD compliments of my friends at Roadshow, and I have FIVE CD’s up for grabs for SquiggleMum readers.  Entry is easy – just leave a comment below.  Aussie residents only please.  One entry per person.  Five winners will be selected randomly. Comp closes Wed 17th Nov 6pm Qld time.

You can also buy copies at the ABC Shop Online for $14.95.

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