Children of Compassion

This week I received a bittersweet letter from Compassion Australia, letting us know that the child we have sponsored for many years no longer requires our financial support. She is now 15, and while we are so pleased her family in Indonesia is finally doing well financially, we are also sad as she has been an important part of our own family. Her photo has always been on the fridge alongside our own children’s school photos. Continue reading

Three In One

After church my six year old asked the question – “Mum, what does three in one mean?”

I took a deep breath before launching into my answer.  Despite the fact that I’ve been a Christian for most of my life, there are still some things I find hard to get my head around.  (There will probably always be things I can’t get my head around when it comes to God, because He’s God. And I’m not.) Continue reading

I Know The Plan

(image: The Old Post Road etsy store)

Jeremiah 29:11 is a well known and much loved Bible verse, and it’s been on my heart this week.  You see, all of my plans have gone out the window, and God’s plan has fallen into place in a remarkable way.

When things go right, some people say that “the planets have aligned.”

Others say things are an “amazing coincidence”

I say it’s God. Continue reading

Beach Faith

During the Christmas break our little family enjoyed a week away at Coffs Harbour.  The kids and I particularly enjoyed the time we spent on the beach together (while SquiggleDad was sleeping in!)  We collected shells and pebbles, built sandcastles, explored the rocks, watched birds, and chased waves.  I grabbed a “teachable moment” to spontaneously talk to the kids about God too… Continue reading