End Of Year Thank You Gifts

As 2010 comes to a close (oh. my. goodness!) we say goodbye to some of the people in our “village” who have helped to raise our kids:  teachers, carers, coaches, babysitters, specialists… But what to give to show our appreciation?

This morning on air I suggested some alternatives to the usual gifts:

Listen here! SquiggleMum Podcast – thankyou gifts

  • Instead of chocolates… give a bowl of fruit.
  • Instead of a bunch of flowers… give a potted plant.
  • Instead of a book or calendar… give a magazine.
  • Instead of a coffee mug… give a range of teas or some gorgeous coffee.
  • More than anything… make sure you include a handwritten thank you card or note.

Two fruitbowls (one pictured above), wrapped in clear cellophane and finished with a Christmas bow went to my daughter’s kindy teachers yesterday.  What a wonderful year she has had!  Of course we included two thank you cards, and a handmade gift for use in the kindy.  (It is summer here in Australia, so our fruitbowls were full of delicious stonefruits and juicy mango. Mmmm.)

Don’t forget – when it comes to thank you gifts, the amount you spend is NOT an indication of how grateful you are!