Stick Sculpture

After Mr 2’s birthday there were lots of new and exciting gifts to open.  Several toys were wired into boxes with clear coated wires about 20cm each in length.  I kept them, figuring they would come in handy for something.  It’s a teacher thing – we can’t help ourselves!!

The kids collected a nice bunch of sticks from the backyard the other day, and we played around with them for a while before deciding to turn them into a “sculpture”.  (This is a word Miss 4 knows from visiting the Art Gallery and exploring different mediums with her artist-Nanna.)  My daughter’s first suggestion was to attach the sticks to each other with sticky tape.  We discussed whether sticky tape would hold very well to the bark and wood, and decided string would be better.  When we went to get some string, we discovered the wires!  Perfect!!

Wiring the sticks together was fiddly for a four year old, but fantastic for fine motor skill development.  She put the sticks and wires where she wanted them, and I just tightened up the joints.  It was also her idea to add some feathers into the joints, and I think the final result is rather lovely.

The sculpture is sitting on top of a skinny cabinet in the hallway just beside the back door.  This Ikea cabinet is fabulous because everyone in the family has their own drawer for outside boots and hats!  The birdcage decals run right along the hallway, so my daughter’s addition of feathers to the sticks seems just right.