Children of Compassion

This week I received a bittersweet letter from Compassion Australia, letting us know that the child we have sponsored for many years no longer requires our financial support. She is now 15, and while we are so pleased her family in Indonesia is finally doing well financially, we are also sad as she has been an important part of our own family. Her photo has always been on the fridge alongside our own children’s school photos. Continue reading

Goodbye Brisbane

Once again blogging has taken a back seat to real life, as we farewell our hometown of Brisbane. Relocating a family is a huge undertaking! We have spent the last few weeks in a whirlwind of cleaning, clearing, decluttering, and gumtree-ing in order to sell our home. At the same time, we’ve also been flying down to Sydney to find a suburb that will work for our family, and then lining up new home and school. Oh, and in between, catching up “just one more time” with all of our beautiful friends here in Brisbane. Continue reading

You Don't Need Me

The last month has been challenging journey for our little family through some ups and downs.

One of us came down with the flu, just as the other recovered.

One of us flew away from Brisbane, just as the other returned.

One family said hello to us, just as we say goodbye to another.

One friend welcomed a new baby, while heartbreakingly another will bury hers this week. Continue reading