Music for Children to Dance

Do your children like to dance? Mine do.  This morning we twirled and whirled in tutus together – yes, I put one on too.  My daughter asked for “dancing music” so I flicked through the CD collection until I settled on one.

I didn’t choose The Wiggles, even though Dorothy rather considers herself a dino-ballerina.

I didn’t choose Justine Clarke, even though she’s hands down my favourite children’s entertainer.

I didn’t choose a Playschool album, or a Jimmy Giggle album, or any other children’s album.

So what DID I choose? Continue reading

Ribbon Sticks

I’m not exactly sure who came up with the idea of ribbon sticks. Red Ribbon Dances were performed for Chinese Royalty thousands of years ago, but I suspect ribbon sticks have a heritage in more than one culture. Ribbon dancing still has a place today in contemporary gymnastics.

Wherever they have come from, there is something beautiful and creative about playing with ribbon sticks. At a time when hi-tech toys rule the toybox, it’s delightful to see children playing with such a simple object.

Step 1: Collect a bunch of ribbons.

Step 2: Tie the bunch with a piece of ribbon. Leave long ends on the tying ribbon.

Step 3: Wrap the tying ribbon ends around the stick, securing the bunch to the stick.

Step 4: Play. Dance. Swoosh. Twirl. Dream. Fly.

Have you made ribbon sticks with your children? I know the Irresistible Ideas ladies have made them with their preschoolers. I’d love to hear if you have too!  Do you prefer them inside, or out? Do your children dance with or without music?