Two Years

November marks my second blogoversary here at SquiggleMum!  My first year of blogging was exciting but also a very steep learning curve.  It was about making my mark online.  My second year of blogging has been incredibly fast paced, but very rewarding.  It’s been about learning to juggle online and offline commitments.  I am looking forward to my third year of blogging!  I hope it will be a year of good choices, healthy balance, and loyal readers.

In honour of 2 years of blogging, here are some of my 2-faves from 2010:

My 2 fave events: Australasian MOPS Conference and Connect2Mums Awards Night

My 2 fave interviews: Justine Clarke and Jimmy Giggle

My 2 fave posts: Ten Words for Ten Years and How To Build A Creekbed

My 2 fave 2010 tweets

My 2 fave photos

Thank you to all my readers who take the time to visit my blog, leave comments, tweet with me and check out my fb page.  Some of you have been with me since the very beginning, others I have met along the way.  Thank you, thank you!  I think my readers are a very special bunch. xx