When Daddy has Depression


My husband is an amazing guy and I love him more now than I did when we got married nearly ten years ago.  He is a wonderful father who is completely adored by both of our children.  He’s a respected and very talented programmer with an impressive resume.

But he’s also a guy who battles depression.

Today he is bravely sharing his story on his blog at Distractable and I’m so proud of him for writing about it.  He likens his ongoing struggles with depression to walking life in thongs (flip-flops if you’re not Australian…!)  And when the pace and stress of life ramp up, it’s like running in thongs on sand, or running up an escalator.  He gets tired, and he trips up.  I’d love you to read his story here.

Depression is probably a beast we will always battle, but we fight it together.  I don’t always get it right, but I promised him “for better or worse… in sickness and in health” and I meant it with all my heart.  Thank you to all the women both online and in real life who support me through the dark days each time those familiar clouds gather.  You know who you are.  xx

PS – if anyone else out there has a hubby with depression I’d love to pray for you and support you.  Please use my contact form if you don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment.  Cath.

11 thoughts on “When Daddy has Depression

  1. Good on him for sharing his struggles. Many men still have difficulty admitting to themselves that they have depression, I can imagine how hard it was/is to share with all of us!
    .-= Narelle Nettelbeck´s last blog ..Giving =-.

  2. I’m totally with you on the point about being open and honest and real about depression. It’s such a common challenge. I know anecdotally and also from research that many many parents face depression from the mildest form to much more serious episodes. Parenting itself brings so much joy and love into our lives but it also triggers (especially in the perfectionistic, success-seeking, control-freak ish parents – like me!)feelings of inadequacy and introspection. All the best to your husband Cath and to you – luckily kids are can also be a great antidote to the blues and I’m sure those munchkins of yours will do just that.

  3. Well done on being brave and talking about this…
    its not uncommon and its nothing to be ashamed of- I myself battled PND and know first hand how hard it is for the men, who are often unfortunately overlooked
    I hope that God gives you and your family the strength, love and faith to get through the hard times. Cherish the good times when a pair of funky Havaianas are the only way to go! xoxo

  4. Cath – from this post and Damon’s you can so sense the love, admiration and respect that you have for each other. I am glad that you have a support network as well to have you through those darker days.
    .-= PlanningQueen´s last blog ..Candy Cane Cookies =-.

  5. Thanks for your openness. I will pray for your husband but also for you. As a counselor, I know that depression can hang a black cloud over an entire household seeking to envelope everyone that it can.

    May God be your light giving you warmth, comfort, and wisdom as you both walk this challenging walk.

    God Bless,

    .-= Kim Avery´s last blog ..New Years Resolutions and God =-.

  6. I’m just reading this now and wanted to say thanks both of you for sharing. My husband has battled depression on and off and certainly the most difficult year of our marriage so far was the year when he was in a very dark place. The process of diagnosis, medication and healing was both incredibly scary and incredibly lonely. It’s the voices of those who have been there before, and aren’t afraid to speak up, that made the journey a little lighter. God Bless.

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