The Children Who Loved Books

Author: Peter Carnavas

Illustrator: Peter Carnavas

Publisher: New Frontier

SquiggleMum’s comments:

Pete is a friend and colleague. He continues to go from strength to strength with New Frontier, producing stories full of warm and sensitive characters. In The Children Who Loved Books, he challenges the notion that “stuff” makes us happy. The two children in the story, Angus and Lucy, don’t have very much – but with books and each other they have pretty much everything they need.

Recommended for:

  • Lower primary
  • Family reading, followed by discussion about wants vs needs
  • Community story telling, particularly in lower socio economic areas





*I received a complimentary review copy courtesy of New Frontier publishing

6 thoughts on “The Children Who Loved Books

  1. We met Peter at a library session where he was teaching about writing and illustrating with the kids – he was amazing and the girls came away inspired to write and illustrate their own stories – fantastic! This is an awesome book.

  2. Hi I just found your blog, all your posts about writing and books (especially picture books) completely drew me in. I saw this book just three days ago in Big W! I’m going back to get it … it’s just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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