Ten Words for Ten Years

Ten years of…











Our marriage is far from perfect.  We have hard days and sometimes very hard days, but at the end of every day we still choose each other.  We try to grow together instead of apart, and we look for the colours that come after the rain.

Marriage is worth celebrating.  How many years are you…?

(Pic taken on our pre-kid travelling days! Scotland, 2003)

25 thoughts on “Ten Words for Ten Years

  1. Happy Anniversary! You were married on the same day as my sister. They are celebrating their ten years anniversary too.
    Ten years for us in March 2011!

  2. Just celebrated 8 years last week! Only 2 more to reach the 10 year milestone! Congratulations to you both on reaching this wonderful milestone together!

  3. Congratulations! We’re about to celebrate nine years of marriage, but we’ve actually been together for 20! It’s all about showing up every day to do the work it takes. Best to you both!

  4. We will celebrate 20 years on 5 May (and are going down the coast, sans kids, for 5 days to celebrate)! Love the idea of 10 words for 10 years … might have to pinch it and do 20 words for 20 years … LOL

  5. That is simply beautiful.

    I like having so many bloggers that have been married for a while. I don’t have any ‘married’ people in my life anymore to look up to. So it is nice to know that love and marriage definitely work together.


  6. Congratulations on reaching such a wonderful milestone. I have just celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversay and already we have been tested to the brink.

    I love the words you use “at the end of each day we choose each other”.

  7. Congratulations Cath, love this post and the photo! we’re coming up to our 23rd in a few months, wow! where does the time go?

  8. Congratulations :) This is such a lovely, simple post, yet says so much.

    For us it has been:
    1 high school
    2 career paths
    2 separate ways
    Countless overseas trips
    2 reunions
    1 sparkly ring
    1 tent
    2 houses
    1 hospital stay
    3 cars
    2 kids
    7 chickens
    2 goldfish
    2 family reunions
    2 career changes
    and in May, 8 years of marriage :)
    .-= Claudette´s last blog ..Anzac Day and the next generation =-.

  9. Congratulations on a special milestone! We will be 7 years in December – where has that wonderful time gone??

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