In-Between Mums (Parenting Aus)

What kind of mum are you?  A SAHM?  A WAHM?  A Working Mum?  Or like me, are you an in-between mum, falling into a grey space between those titles…?  I’m sharing my thoughts on the topic over at Parenting Australia today.  Here’s a snippet:

I loved teaching, but resigning was the right thing for me to do when my daughter was born in 2006 as I knew I wanted to be at home with her full time.  Over the next twelve months the majority of my mum-friends slowly returned to work, but I was happy with my choice.  Mostly!  Two and a half years later we added a baby boy to our family.  And I’m still home full time.  Well, kind of.

Here’s the link to the article I wrote last week too if you’re interested, Tips From A Lunchbox Spy.  I hope those of you who have school aged kids are getting back into the swing of packing lunchboxes and school bags again!!