Justine Clarke – In Concert

What an exciting day!  For the kids, I mean.  Not only did we get brilliant seats at Justine Clarke’s Great Big World concert, but we got to go backstage before the show to meet Justine!! (Just one of the perks of being an Aussie mummy blogger, and it probably helped that I have reviewed and given away copies of the Great Big World CD and DVD as well as interviewing Justine online.)

Justine is an absolute delight in person.  After meeting her pint sized fans, posing for countless photographs and signing autographs from the first concert, she had barely a moment to change before the second concert began.  She still managed to squeeze in a few minutes with us backstage, and we chatted about how the tour was going, which songs would be in the concert, and what it’s like juggling motherhood with stardom.

Then we found our seats, just three rows from the stage, and waited for the concert to begin.  Of course, the kids and I knew all the words to all the songs.  Mr Almost-Two loved that the drums were right in front of him too.  Here are some pics from the concert:

We clapped and sang.

We put on our dancing pants.

We did the Hullabaloo.

We made a dancing face.

And we loved it all!  Thank you Justine!!

If you are still hoping to get tickets to one of Justine’s concerts while she is on her Great Big World tour you can find out more info here about dates and venues.  And if you can’t make it to one of the concerts, make sure you get your hands on a copy of the album ($19.95 from ABC online).

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11 thoughts on “Justine Clarke – In Concert

  1. OMG – we were at Justine’s concert today as well, 3 rows from the front!!! the 10am one.

    Damn – didn’t occur to me to tell her that I’m a blogger …!!

    And I agree – it was a WONDERFUL concert not least because she has such a wonderfully expressive and warm face.

  2. Wow looks like the Squiggle family had lots of fun meeting Justine, nice work scoring backstage passes! I love the Hullabaloo photo very cool, looks like it was a great day all round!

  3. We went today and she was just BRILLIANT! The kids had a fantastic time, and we waited around at the end to meet her. She was terrific – taking time to really chat to the kids and pose for a photo. :-)

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